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LIFESTYLE 4/21/24 9:26pm

Elon Watches: The Fall Guy

Stunt performers are some of the most overlooked and underrated people in Hollywood. Despite a lack of recognition, they are often the reason why so many films are as exciting or adrenaline inducing as they are. Their skill, precision and dedication bring the most daring action sequences to life, and it is their passion and dedication that are at the heart of David Leitch’s new action film, “The Fall Guy.” The film follows stuntman Colt Seavers, played by Ryan Gosling, as he returns to the world of filmmaking only to find that the actor he doubles has mysteriously disappeared.  

LIFESTYLE 3/7/24 3:05pm

Elon Watches: Dune Part 2: A Modern Day Epic

The novel "Dune" was labeled as “unadaptable” by many, but in 2021, Denis Villeneuve tried and delivered an incredible science fiction film the likes of which I had not seen before. It was one of the best films of that year and swept at the 2022 academy awards. Villeneuve accomplished a miracle and I was unsure, if not doubtful, that he could recapture that magic for a sequel. As it turns out though, my reservations were completely unfounded as “Dune Part 2” is one the best science fiction films ever made.

LIFESTYLE 2/3/24 2:57pm

Elon Watches: ‘A Different Man’ delivers a different kind of film

Aaron Schimberg’s “A Different Man” follows a struggling actor named Edward, who, after undergoing an experimental facial reconstruction surgery, becomes fixated on an actor in a stage production of his former life. Schimberg’s screenplay touches on a lot of different themes, but the exploration of insecurity is the beating heart of the movie. His approach shows how insecurity can hold us back from achieving greatness while simultaneously depicting how it can transform someone into the worst version of themselves. The screenplay is masterful. Watching Edward slowly begin to drown in his insecurities is just horrifying as it is weirdly entertaining.

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