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LIFESTYLE 4/20/24 12:17pm

Burlington coffee shop, The Daily Grind, emphasizes intentionality

Morning light spills through the windows, casting an orange hue over the pink walls and green plants scattered throughout the small cafe. It’s 7 a.m., and The Daily Grind is open for another busy day of walk-ins and drive-through customers. Following its soft opening in June 2023, the Daily Grind has grown in popularity. Owner Emily Baker said that the team wants to emphasize intentionality with each customer served within the coffee shop. 

NEWS 4/17/24 7:17pm

Elon adjunct faculty raise concerns over missing professor names on OnTrack

With the approach of spring semester’s end, students scour OnTrack to build their academic schedules, looking at the times available and selecting their preferred professors.  Senior Alex Campbell said she noticed this past semester that adjunct professors, who are hired on a contractual basis each semester or year, she previously had classes with were not appearing on OnTrack.  “It’s pretty upsetting because two of my favorite professors are adjuncts that I’ve had classes with in the past,” Campbell said. “Since the change, I can’t purposefully take classes with them because I don’t know what classes they’re even teaching because they don’t show up.” 

NEWS 3/14/24 9:34pm

Elon University hosts multi-sided discussion on Israel-Hamas War

Elon University hosted Mira Sucharov, professor of political science at Carleton University, on March 14 as part of Elon's initiative to promote discussion and foster understanding of the ongoing Israel-Hamas War. The event was called "Identity, Trauma, and Justice: The War between Israel and Hamas," and led by Baris Kesgin, Elon professor of political science and policy studies. Sucharov emphasized the importance of defining the terms people use in a discussion about the conflict between Israel and Hamas. Sucharov’s discussion takes place two days after students joined together to march in solidarity and support of victims of oppression.

NEWS 2/25/24 2:08pm

Mebane City Council approves construction plans for North Carolina’s first Buc-ee’s

Mebane City Council unanimously voted to approve the rezoning and special use permit of North Carolina’s first Buc-ee’s. Currently, the closest Buc-ee’s to Alamance County is over two hours away in Florence, South Carolina; however, the new building site for this Buc-ee’s is half an hour from campus. Mebane local and Elon sophomore Leann Beckham said that the new Buc-ee’s has been a topic of conversation in the community since June 2023 when it was proposed to zoning officials. The Mebane City Planning Council voted 6-3 to reject the permits; however, the permits were ultimately approved by City Council on Jan. 8.

NEWS 9/20/23 4:01pm

Bike to Burlington brings Elon University students into community

Elon Outdoors’ will host a Bike to Burlington event Friday, Sept. 22 at 3 p.m. in which participants will use the Burlington Greenway to make the three-mile journey from the Koury athletic center to downtown Burlington. Harer said this will give students the opportunity to experience the accessibility of the greenway and downtown Burlington. Registration is required through a form on the sustainability website. Bikes are provided for students who wish to borrow an Elon Outdoors bike, but participants are welcome to bring their own. The event is open to everyone. 

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