NEWS 4/16/15 2:44pm

Learning from the mistakes of Rolling Stone

If you’re a journalist, a college student, a professor, a college administrator, or any participating member of society, you’ve probably heard about the epic misstep made by Rolling Stone’s editorial team in the reporting of a University of Virginia campus gang rape. “A Rape on Campus” was published in November 2014, and within weeks major news outlets like The Washington Post were seriously and publicly questioning the validity of Rolling Stone’s reporting.

NEWS 4/1/15 3:00pm

Foreign language study should center on immersion

I have been enrolled in Spanish classes since 6th grade. Looking back on my foreign language education, I can say confidently that the way many other American children and I were taught Spanish needs a serious overhaul.  Spanish majors at Elon University are required to study abroad in a Spanish-speaking country to apply the language in a native setting.

NEWS 2/19/15 1:38pm

Invest in Elon's future before its facilities

Bigger and better does not the best campus make — despite what Elon University would have you think. The latest in a series of dramatic transformations, plans for a new “Convocation Center,” a 5,000-seat stadium and gathering place, have been backed already by an $8 million donation.