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NEWS 4/12/24 2:48pm

Elon University president issues statement following Palestinian speaker event on possible solutions to the Israel-Hamas War

Elon University President Connie Book today acknowledged the controversy surrounding a speaker whose talk "Is Peace Possible in the Middle East?" earlier in the week left some audience members rattled. In an email to the university on April 12, Book said that Jonathan Kuttab's remarks "left the agreed-upon format on the anticipated topic of peace building, and he provided additional views and opinions on the conflict." "Several members of the community in attendance deeply disagreed with his divergent comments," Book wrote. "Not anticipating the changes to the speaker’s planned remarks, the event’s design did not include plans for opposing views to be offered at that moment, and limited time did not allow for all submitted questions to be heard.”

LIFESTYLE 3/11/24 10:37am

Women beyond borders: Students navigate experiences abroad

Elon has been ranked first in undergraduate students who participate in study abroad for the 18th time. Many of these students are women with varying experiences, often dependent on the culture within the country of their choice. Allegra Laing, executive director of the Global Education Center, encourages all female-identifying students to study abroad. She advises them to engage with other female-identifying students from the country they are staying in to learn how to safely navigate that specific culture. Laing also takes into consideration that other identities, such as race, religion, socioeconomic status and sexual orientation, can also play into a student’s experience abroad.

NEWS 3/1/24 10:38am

Breaking down Alamance County elections ballot

With the 2024 Presidential Primary Election coming in March several positions besides the Presidential nomination are up for election. These include 15 positions that are up for election, depending on how the voter registered these positions vary from the Republican, Democrat and Libertarian ballots. There are 15 positions on the ballot across all three ballots. Early voting is open now until March 2 and Elon South Gym is an early voting location. Election Day is March 5 and voting is open from 6:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.

NEWS 1/24/24 5:00pm

Former colleagues share lasting impact of professor emeritus on Elon community

Professor Emeritus of Economics Tom Tiemann served Elon University for more than 30 years. He passed away on Friday, Dec. 22 at age 75. A recipient of the Elon Medallion, Tiemann was the founding dean of the Martha and Spencer Love School of Business, department chair of economics, director of general studies and director of the business fellows program. Apart from these various titles and accolades, he is most remembered for his compassion, kindness and his dedication to his community. A close colleague, economics professor Steve DeLoach recalls Tiemann’s faith in students, his efforts to always continue improving Elon and his continued work well after his retirement.

NEWS 11/14/23 4:17pm

Elon University hosts multifaith panel to discuss the Israel-Gaza war

A panel of Elon University’s multifaith chaplains gathered in the Sacred Space of the Numen Lumen Pavilion. The panelists discussed the Israel-Hamas war and how to navigate the conversations around it, particularly with the holidays drawing near. The Rev. Kirstin Boswell, the Rev. Julie Tonnesen, Imam Shane Atkinson and Rabbi Maor Greene spoke at the event Nov. 13. During the event, Greene said because the attack on Oct. 7 happened on Shabbat and the festival of Sukkot — a Jewish holiday —, there was extra shock and grief felt by the Jewish community. 

NEWS 9/12/23 7:31am

North Carolina DMV no longer issues, renews Confederate flag license plates

In June, the U.S. Supreme Court declined to review a 2021 North Carolina Department of Transportation ban on issuing or renewing specialty license plates with the Confederate flag. According to the North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles, North Carolina offers three standard plates and over 200 specialty license plates, representing more than 100 civic clubs and interest groups. In 2021 the Sons of Confederate Veterans sued the North Carolina Department of Transportation. A lower court dismissed the case and a federal appeals court agreed with that decision in 2022. Elon Law professors Luke Bierman and Enrique Armijo shared mixed opinions about the Supreme Court refusing to review the case.

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