Updated as of 11:23 a.m. on Feb. 29 to include updated date for when Med Deli is set to open.

Elon’s Town Council hosted their second work session of the year, where they unanimously decided to make the green space open to the public in order to bring more people into Elon. 

Monti Allison, mayor pro tem, said he wanted to open the greenspace — previously a beer garden for Toasty Kettlyst — as a place for special events, such as more beer sales. This in turn would call for the expansion of the social district

Mackenzie Brown, vice chair of the board, advocated for the green space to be open to more local breweries — instead of just Toasty Kettle. 

“We would like to see, community-wise, a presence of other breweries that are local that are in Alamance County,” Brown said.  

The social district expansion will be addressed at an undetermined point in the future. The council also assigned responsibility of managing the open space to Downtown Development Director Jill Weston. 

Weston met with the downtown Elon board beforehand to get their input on how the new green space could be utilized. 

“My thought was just that it would bring more people, be another opportunity since we do have such limited space,” Weston said. 

In addition, town manager, Richard Roedner, announced that the new town clerk and planner positions have been filled and they will start on Monday, March 4. Med Deli is also scheduled to open Saturday, March 2.