NEWS 11/30/16 2:28pm

Lambert reflects on Danieley’s legacy

"He lived a vibrant, vibrant life right up until the very end," Lambert said. For Lambert, Danieley was much more than a colleague. He was a mentor and a dear friend. "To have somebody who has had that experience and be your very good friend and adviser over 18 years just has meant so much to me," Lambert said. "I can’t even begin to form the words to tell you how much I’m gonna miss him."

OPINIONS 11/13/16 1:09pm

ANDERSON: When hate trumped love

It was early Thursday morning when I got a news tip about a hateful note written on whiteboard saying “Bye Bye Latinos Hasta La Vista.” Looking through Facebook posts of the image, I sourced the time and location of the message to Tony Crider’s 8 a.m. Global Experience course in Kivette Hall Room 100.

NEWS 11/11/16 9:04am

CREDE offers safe spaces for students after election

Participant names have been redacted to respect the privacy of the safe space. The silence was deafening. In your face. Powerful. As students trickled into the Center for Race, Ethnicity, & Diversity Education (CREDE) Wednesday evening, looking for a space to process the events of the day — Donald Trump's victory in the 2016 presidential election — they had little to say as they sat down and waited for the program to begin. A couple of students engaged in small talk with their neighbor as they settled in, but conversations were far and few, often ending after a minute and replaced with pensive silence.

NEWS 11/9/16 8:40am

Plans announced for Historic Neighborhood student commons building

The oldest part of Elon University’s campus is going to get a new addition. A new commons building will be built in the Historic Neighborhood, completing a multi-year renovation plan for the area. Plans for the new building, named the LaRose Student Commons, were officially announced during Homecoming weekend at the Board of Trustees luncheon. President Leo Lambert, joined by donor Gail H. LaRose ’64, announced that LaRose’s $2.5 million gift will be used to build a new student gathering space.

NEWS 11/9/16 8:30am

Phoenix rises for Veterans Day

As a child of a Vietnam War veteran, Elon University sophomore Lavinia Johnson has always cherished Veterans Day. “This is such an important holiday because it helps citizens remember why the military is so significant in our society,” she said. “It also reminds veterans how influential they have been to our country.”

NEWS 11/8/16 4:18pm

Internally, FSL seeks to unite

Senior Michael Goldstein didn’t hide the frustration in his voice, disheartened by the recurring problems that face Fraternity and Sorority Life (FSL) and the lack of solutions proposed by those involved and not. He’s heard them all before. Fraternities and sororities aren’t as inclusive and diverse as they should be. Only a handful of members are committed to changing the culture. And not every organization holds itself to as high a standard as others.

NEWS 11/8/16 4:11pm

Oaks Neighborhood residents struggle with Wi-Fi access

Most Elon University students living on-campus take Wi-Fi availability for granted, but some residents of the Oaks Neighborhood are frustrated by their lack of access to this important commodity. “Since the beginning of the year, the Wi-Fi has been very spotty,” said junior Tommy Mackey, resident of Oaks C.

SPORTS 11/8/16 2:30pm

Strength, energy defined Dennion on, off field

They gathered at midfield, where she played 37 matches in her No. 22 jersey, where she was honored on senior day a year ago, where she touched the hearts of many through her tenacious, dominant play. And right there, on Rudd Field, Nicole Dennion’s former teammates, friends and fellow Elon University athletes lit up this cold November night with candles that formed the number “22” and her initials, “N.K.D.” and with countless memories and stories of the high-energy, always honest woman taken too soon. The game-day selfies she and best friend Mel Insley ‘16 used to take.