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NEWS 10/5/23 9:09am

Elon University battles mold

Despite recent renovations, Hook, Brannock and Barney — otherwise known among students as HBB — has a history of mold reports, and this year is no different. On Sept. 26, eight third floor Brannock residents were informed in an email from the Historic Neighborhood Community Director Jordyn Williams that they were being reallocated throughout Historic and Colonnades so their rooms could be rid of mold. Senior Director of Facilities Management Raymond Fletcher has been working at Elon for five years and wrote that facilities management focuses on prevention.

NEWS 9/23/23 3:44pm

Elon University students emphasize campus resources, elections following SB747 veto

North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper recently vetoed the proposed Senate Bill 747 — a bill that would have made it more difficult for young people and people of color to vote. As a result,  Elon Votes is encouraging students to utilize campus resources and learn more about civic engagement. SB747 was proposed earlier this year and would make it more likely for absentee ballots to be thrown away as a result of minor issues. 

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