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NEWS 11/14/12 2:45pm

Election night Facebook posts lead to backlash for SGA President

Last week's Presidential election led a lot of people to take to social media to express their opinions. Included in this group was SGA President, Darien Flowers, who had some harsh words for President Obama and the future of our country. "So discouraged in the American public tonight," Flowers wrote on Facebook.

NEWS 10/29/12 9:39pm

'Acorn Eddie' Moving On

Perhaps the most popular employee in Elon's history, the man known simply as "Acorn Eddie", is now moving forward after his recent termination. Aramark fired 7-year employee Eddie Talley on October 11th.

NEWS 10/9/12 1:03pm

The Battle of a Lifetime

"When I came back for the job," Elon Town Police's Lake Blalock says, "I didn't realize how much the town had changed." Blalock grew up close-by and attended Walter Williams High School in Burlington.

NEWS 9/25/12 1:20pm

A Real-Life Princess

"She explains the whole line; the family name and she looks it up on Google," Elon freshman Max Rudisser says.

NEWS 9/18/12 11:05am

The Cards to a Bright Future

"It's funny because you'll go out there and a lot of the kids are so shy they won't even ask you for your card." Elon Town Police Lieutenant James Perry says.

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