The new construction at the Station at Mill Point brings up new issues pertaining to safety on campus. Some students are worried about the increased foot traffic from Station to campus over the traintracks and dual 4-way intersections.

"It is a little scary how there's no sidewalk and there's not really any set path," Elon junior Taylor Dawson says. "So you just have to kind of go for it."

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Assistant Director of Residence Life at the Station, Angel Garcia, realizes the safety concerns that several students have. He says the school is planning educational programs on safety for students. Garcia also mentions that students should do their own part to stay safe while crossing the big intersection. "So that means not texting or listening to music or on the phone while they're crossing the street."

Some students have suggestions for what should be done. Elon junior Veronica Lee thinks some kind of crosswalk sign should be added to warn drivers to stop. Lee also agrees the large intersection can be a bit intimidating when trying to cross. "Right now if you're standing on one section of the crosswalk, you have no idea where traffic is coming from."

While the school year has arrived, Garcia says there will continue to be discussions about a possible safety improvement at the intersection. In the meantime, he warns students to avoid jumping over the nearby fence or walking over the part of the train tracks not on the street.