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NEWS 4/28/16 11:09am

Simple, no heat, picnic recipes

Summer is just around the corner, and what better way to celebrate than with friends and food. Here are three easy recipes on how to make your picnic, well, a picnic! Cucumber Pinwheel Sandwiches: You'll need: 1 whole cucumber 1 pack of tortillas Low fat cream cheese 1 lemon for flavor 1 knife

NEWS 4/10/16 9:26pm

Elon's study abroad program, students confront terrorism scare

Elon University ranks number one by Princeton Review for top study abroad program in the country. According to the university's global education program, more than 75 percent of students study abroad, or complete a 'Study USA' program at least once during their time at Elon.

NEWS 3/14/16 4:14pm

Pollen particularly bad for Elon area

With each passing week, the official start to spring gets closer and closer. While the first day of spring is for March 20, signs of warmer and longer days have already arrived to the area. Seemingly one thing seems to get in the way every year: pollen.

NEWS 2/28/16 12:00pm

Hillary Clinton wins big in South Carolina primary

Just days before Super Tuesday, South Carolina primary voters made a loud statement on Saturday by voting former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as their nominee for the White House. Clinton swept the Palmetto State.

NEWS 2/8/16 11:23am

New Burlington police officer seeks to build trust, mentorships

In the current climate where the word "police," has countless connotations, one man said he is trying to break down negative stereotypes without compromising his mission. Curry Hall, 25, has wanted to go in law enforcement ever since he was little. "I always liked to look at cops and say I wanna be like that," he said. Late last month he got his wish.

NEWS 11/3/15 7:05pm

Serving with "Good Intentions:" Voluntourism and short-term service trips

The cautions and realities of short-term service trips [youtube=] More than 1.5 million people in the United States participate in a mission trip each year, according to Missiology journal, and with that comes an estimated two billion dollars spent for those efforts (see below infographic). \0x200B Gone are the days when "serving" meant raking the leaves of an elderly neighbor or washing the feet of a stranger.

NEWS 10/26/15 3:41pm

Reading goes to the dogs

It turns out that man's best friend can do more than play fetch and roll over. The ability to read can determine a great deal about the immediate and long term future of a child's life. [youtube=] According to a survey by the U.S.

NEWS 10/21/15 12:16am

Beta Theta Pi fraternity seeks to impact Elon Greek culture

Tuesday Beta Theta Pi fraternity made their pitch to Elon staff, Greek students and members of the community that the men of Beta should be the newest greek organization on campus. The new Director of Fraternity and Sorority Life, Dan Faill, announced, that there would be a new Interfraternity Council organization coming to campus and now the choice is down between two fraternities: Theta Chi and Beta Theta Pi. Members of Theta Chi made their expansion presentation Monday night. For Beta Theta Pi, the tone was more focused on changing the overall Greek culture and providing opportunities for all kinds of young men on campus, especially those who might have never have considered joining a fraternity. Beta Theta Pi was founded by a group of men at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio in 1839.

NEWS 10/19/15 10:11pm

Theta Chi fraternity makes pitch to come on campus

Fall of 2016 at Elon University is set to feature new areas of growth, including a new fraternity. The new Director of Fraternity and Sorority Life, Dan Faill, announced, that there would be a new Interfraternity Council organization coming to campus and now the choice is down between two fraternities: Theta Chi and Beta Theta Pi. On Monday night members of the Theta Chi national organization, executive board, current members and alums made their pitch to a small audience to join the already existing seven fraternities on Elon's campus. The audience consisted of Elon faculty, student leaders involved in Fraternity and Sorority Life, local alumni and other members of the Elon community. The expansion presentation consisted of mainly Senior Director of External Communications, J.D.

NEWS 9/21/15 5:15pm

Campus reacts to Presidential Task Force findings

For years there has been a lot of conversation, both privately and publicly, about the divide of race and experiences on Elon's campus. Now, because of the results from the Presidential Task Force on Black Student, Faculty and Staff Experiences, the campus has solid data to back the claims that for a significant portion of Elon's Black students, faculty and staff, feels that Elon can be a drastically different place than their non-Black peers and colleagues. [youtube=] The task force is made up of alumni, students, faculty and staff and its goal is to implement policies and practices to make Elon more supportive and inclusive of the black community. Results gave insight and recommendations to issues like safety, inclusivity and overall community interactions.

NEWS 9/6/15 11:48pm

Burlington Downtown Farmer's Market offers more than food

Every Saturday and Wednesday from April to October, farmers and customers at the Burlington Downtown Farmer's Market have the opportunity to see, smell and purchase some unexpected items and services, including: goat milk soap, five-minute massages, and marinade

NEWS 5/12/15 11:03pm

Sexual assault at Elon: Perspectives and a personal experience

Since first publishing this story, Dean of Students, Dr. Smith Jackson, released a statement informing that when the university learned of the incident involving McClendon, he was suspended from the Elon University football team for the remainder of the 2014 Spring season.

NEWS 4/14/15 4:56pm

Students seek action during Sexual Assault Awareness Month

According to the National Sexual Violence Resource Center, April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month. The NSVRC states the one in five women and one in sixteen men are sexually assaulted during college, even though a majority of both never report the assault. Students and organizations around Elon's campus are taking part throughout the month to educate, raise money and awareness. Here's a list of events happening around campus from April 13-20: April 13-The Clothesline Project: Taking place at Speaker's Corner, The Clothesline Project is an opportunity for students to hang t-shirts with various messages and decorations to raise awareness for sexual assault and to support survivors. April 14-Supporting Survivors Whiteboard Campaign: Taking place at College Coffee on Tuesday Morning, the campaign encourages people to write why they support survivors of sexual assault. April 14-Banner Making for Take Back the Night: 4:30-8:30 p.m.

NEWS 3/9/15 5:42pm

ISIS, ISIL: What you need to know

For months, the media has covered ISIS, an Islamic extremist rebel group operating in Iraq and Syria. Behind its mass violence and social media campaigns, ISIS has become one of the most well known terrorist organizations in the world. Here's the breakdown of some of the most important facts to know about the extremist group: At first, the U.S.

NEWS 2/23/15 4:13pm

Heart health starts now for college students

February is known in commercial America as a time for hearts, love, Valentine's, lots of red and, of course, lots of sweet treats. However for the medical community, February is Heart Month, a time to encourage Americans to take care of their hearts, regardless of their age or background. According to the Centers for Disease Control, heart disease is the number one cause of death for both men and women in America. For college students, like sophomore Nick Zimmerman, 20, taking care of the heart is an every day battle. Zimmerman said he has supraventricular tachycardia, a heart condition that cause abnormal heart rhythms. "Basically most people have one electrical path around their heart so it just goes around both chambers.

NEWS 11/21/14 7:04pm

Next Steps for Elon's Sigma Pi Fraternity

According to Rex Waters, Dean of Student Development, Elon University and Sigma Pi, International have both signed the return to campus agreement. Dean Waters told ELN that the agreement is complied of three main parts: 1.

NEWS 11/12/14 1:45pm

Elon Sigma Pi Fraternity Suspended for Hazing

Please see our updated information here. According to Eric Townsend, Director of Elon University News Bureau, the university has upheld the three-year suspension of Elon's Epsilon-Theta chapter of Sigma Pi. Dean Jana Lynn Patterson, Associate Vice President for Student Life, told ELN the president of Sigma Pi met with her on Nov.

NEWS 10/29/14 4:41pm

Mammograms for college students: "More harm than good"

To screen or not to screen, that is the question many female college students are faced with when determining whether or not to receive mammograms. For millions of Americans, the presence of breast cancer goes beyond the "October awareness month" and pink wearing, but rather is a daily battle for their lives. For so many, the beginning of the journey started with feeling an abnormal bump on the breast and getting it checked out through a mammogram.

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