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NEWS 10/4/12 9:10pm

London Impressions and Daily Differences

Elon students studying abroad this semester in London share their impressions, observations and experiences that they have made since arriving to the city .  Expectations By Allie Andrews Expectations can be a difficult thing.

NEWS 9/20/12 9:21pm

Taste of the World

Elon study abroad students are discovering cultural foods, drinks and customs around the world. From the unique foods to the classic dishes of their current country, thy are giving their taste buds a tour of the culture. Les petits gouts: Mini pastry pleasures by Claire Mayo MONTPELLIER, FRANCE — France’s culture, passion and identity revolves around its food.

NEWS 8/29/12 2:22am

Meet our International Reporters

Correspondents’ Corner is a place for The Pendulum’s team of international reporters to reflect on their time abroad and share stories about the new cultures they are experiencing.

NEWS 4/9/12 8:57pm

Senegal rejoices for new president

Macky Sall defeated Abdoulaye Wade in the second round of presidential elections in Senegal March 25, and took office as the fourth Senegalese president April 2. The 2012 elections have been marked with strong opposition to the now former president, Abdoulaye Wade.

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