Correspondents’ Corner is a place for The Pendulum’s team of international reporters to reflect on their time abroad and share stories about the new cultures they are experiencing.  

Molly Weingarten London

Molly Weingarten is a junior majoring in broadcast and new media with philosophy and political science minors. She is studying abroad in London, England for the fall semester. She chose to study in London because it is so culturally diverse and she wanted to see the vast political and social differences present in the city. She is excited to meet new people and live and study in a completely different environment.

Sarah Farland - Barcelona

Sarah Farland is a junior with a major in strategic communications and a minor in business. She took a Culture of Spain class to gain a few more credit hours and supposedly, an easy A. Instead, the class led her to develop love for a country she had never even visited. Since then, Sarah knew she wanted to study abroad in Barcelona, an eccentric and artsy city with such rich culture.

Alana Romans Copenhagen, Denmark

Alana Romans is studying abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark. She chose her destination for multiple reasons. Aside from it being one of the happiest cities in the world, she didn't know if she would ever make it to northern Europe another time in her life. Alana feels that Scandinavia is such a hidden treasure amidst greater Europe, and she wanted to experience it for herself! Career wise, she has always hoped to work abroad eventually. Experiencing new cultures, such as the very unique Danish culture, is just one way Alana can broaden her horizons and learn about the world outside of the USA.

Brette Baumhover - Dublin

Brette is a senior at Elon University participating in her third study abroad experience. While studying abroad in Dublin, Ireland this semester Brette will be learning about marketing, communications and business at the Dublin Business School (DBS). Attending DBS will provide Brette with a basis in business to help her decide whether she would like to pursue entrepreneurship.

Cleo Dan Seville, Spain

Cleo will be studying abroad at the heart of folkloric Southern Spain in Seville. Since she has been to Seville before, Cleo knew that she could not pass up such an intriguing opportunity to be able to spend an entire semester amongst one of Europe's most culturally exquisite cities. She absolutely loves European languages, and she hope that four months abroad in Spain will help her finally attain fluency in Spanish. She is also pursuing thesis research that will allow her to explore the Basque Country in Northern Spain.

Tupper Allen - London

Tupper Allen is studying abroad in London, England. It may come as a surprise that an accounting major would select one of the Elon study abroad programs that have few business classes! However, the program offers general studies courses varying across subjects as well as the option to intern internationally. Tupper could not be more excited about going abroad to London, and she hopes to travel around Europe as much as possible.
Audrey Horwitz - Dublin, Ireland

Audrey Horwitz is a junior studying abroad at Trinity University in Dublin, Ireland for the Fall. She is excited to immerse herself in Irish culture and hopes to share her experiences with Elon students back in North Carolina. She intends to offer tales of travel, pub culture and the countryside.

Nick Margherita Florence, Italy

As a proud second generation Italian American, Nick Margherita can't believe that after twenty years he has yet to visit his roots- until this semester. Nick is a junior studying in Florence, Italy.  With a minor in Italian Studies, Nick feels that there is no better way to learn a language or prepare for future international occupations than to fully immerse himself in the Italian way of life. Ché vita.

Claire Mayo - Montpellier, France

Claire Mayo is studying abroad in Montpellier, France, for the fall semester. She chose Montpellier for its exceptional language immersion program and for the opportunity to take classes with French students. Montpellier also offers her the chance to live in an ancient city. Roman ruins sit on the outskirts of town while the Mediterranean sparkles in the distance. Since Claire is a double major in French and history, Montpellier could not have been a better fit. Claire hopes that studying in Montpellier will open doors for her senior thesis at Elon, which is conveniently covering French history.
Courtney Cooper - London

Courtney Cooper decided to study abroad in London not only because it would easily allow her to complete classes pertaining to both her English and Communication majors, but also give her the ability to complete an internship while abroad. She thought this was a unique opportunity she could not pass up. She is excited to go to school in an actual city (no offense Elon!) as well as immerse herself in European culture. London is a great travel point and Courtney can't wait to explore a variety of countries. Her interests include writing, literature and fashion. She has no doubt she'll be able to pursue these ventures while abroad.

Meghan White - Scotland

Meghan White is a junior studying abroad for the fall semester at St Andrews University in Scotland. She will be living in the same dorm Prince William and Kate Middleton lived in! Meghan chose St. Andrews because of its architectural beauty, rich history, idyllic location and United Kingdom charm. After her graduation, she hopes to work in the field of historic preservation or in a history or art museum, hopefully in the United Kingdom.

Claire Mauro - Buenos Aires, Argentina

Claire Mauro is a junior strategic communications and international studies major and Spanish minor studying abroad in the culturally rich city of Buenos Aires, Argentina. She loves traveling and learning about new cultures and, as a member of the Elon Ballroom Dance Team, she couldn’t pass up the chance to go to the birthplace of tango! Claire is excited to acquire a new Spanish accent, go to tango milongas (tango clubs) and learn about Argentinean history and culture from native Argentineans.

Lindsay Richards - Dublin, Ireland

Lindsay Richards is traveling abroad for the first time, studying  in Dublin, Ireland and planning to travel elsewhere in Europe. Her interests include photography, live music, the outdoors and cooking—topics that will find their way into her writing from Ireland. Lindsay always dreamed of not only travelling, but living abroad to immerse herself in another culture and experience a different way of life. She hopes to provide her readers with this same sense of immersion, allowing them to see, feel and enjoy her adventures as if they were their own. Whether it’s through words, images or video, she anticipates bringing Dublin to Elon.

Victoria Dolan - Barcelona, Spain

Victoria Dolan is studying abroad in Barcelona, Spain. This will be her first time in Europe. Living in Europe for the semester will give her the opportunity to travel to many different countries and also the chance to immerse herself in a country very different than America. Although she will be taking business classes while in Barcelona, her internship this summer with a local magazine renewed her passion for writing.  She is intrigued by ancient art, architecture and fashion, and cannot wait to start observing the cultural differences in Europe.

Sally Van Denover - Florence, Italy

Sally Van Denover is a strategic communications major with minors in business administration and leadership studies, studying in Florence, Italy this fall. Although the Elon Centre in Florence does not offer any courses within her major or minors, she was so intrigued by what this vibrant city has to offer that she couldn't pass up the opportunity to experience it. Sally loves food and culture - two of the cornerstones of life in Italy - and is excited to immerse herself into the Italian lifestyle. While in Florence, she hopes to take cooking classes to further her culinary education and would love to incorporate that into her writing.

Laura Van Drie Copenhagen, Denmark

Laura Van Drie is studying abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark because it has a wide selection of electives for her strategic communications major and sociology minor. She originally wanted to spend her fall semester in London, since she wanted to be somewhere that was familiar for a whole semester. But after spending a wonderful winter term in India, she decided she could handle someplace a little different. Laura is excited to explore Danish culture, traditions, food, art, style and design, and she'll be writing and blogging about all her adventures!
Mary Kate Brogan London

Mary Kate is studying in London because, after four years of high school Latin, she wanted to experience going someplace interesting and new without needing a new language. London seemed like the perfect place. With plenty of sights, history and people with cool accents, she is thrilled to have the chance to experience a culture that may seem similar to American culture to the naked eye but she anticipates will be completely different and exciting. She is taking several communication electives in London to help with her major and she has a communications internship for the second half of the semester.  She feels that being in such a cultural hub will prepare her for what she will no doubt experience in the real world as a journalist.

Will Stirn Copenhagen, Denmark

Will Stirn is a junior English-creative writing major and international studies minor. While perusing Copenhagen, Denmark for the Fall semester he will be studying literature, writing and journalism at the Danish Institute for Study Abroad. Beyond spending his time hunkered over a desk studying, Will is captivated by travel, food, the outdoors and learning about new cultures. In the future he hopes to combine his love for the outdoors and writing and work as an outdoor educator and travel correspondent internationally.

Helen Wright - Argentina

Helen Wright is a biology major and a Spanish minor. She is interested in going to veterinary school or physical therapy school. She rides horseback and used to play soccer and lacrosse.  Helen chose to study abroad in Argentina because of its fascinating history, the prevalence of horseback riding and polo and its rich culture. She wanted to go somewhere where people speak Spanish so she could use her skills and become more fluent. Rather than taking science classes in Spanish, she is taking classes to fulfill other Elon requirements. She considered studying abroad in Spain, but she heard amazing things about the Argentina program and about the people and culture as a whole.

Kara Damiano - Florence, Italy

Kara Damiano is a junior at Elon University studying Strategic Communications with minors in Business Administration and Leadership Studies. This semester, Kara is studying abroad in Florence, Italy. Her decision to study abroad there was based on a desire to better understand and appreciate her direct heritage. Both of Kara’s parents were born in a small mountain village in the Abruzzi region of Italy. Through hard work, her parents transformed their lives from sharecroppers to well-educated professionals in just one generation. Growing up in a family with such an Italian influence has given Kara great values and traditions, along with lots of delicious homemade food. She is eager to see how the culture in Italy is today and travel around different areas in the country and across Europe.

Greg Zitelli - Dakar, Senegal

Greg is excited to study abroad in Dakar, Senegal because for the first time in his life he will experience being part of the minority in a society. Growing up in suburban Madison, N.J., which has similar demographics as Elon, he was rarely offered opportunities to interact with diverse cultures. Because of his interest in international relations, he has become more committed to understanding different ways of life and seeing new perspectives in the world. When he arrives in Dakar, Senegal, an Islamic city with strong Francophone influences on the western coast of Africa, his life will be turned upside down. Although he's sure to face countless obstacles along the way, Greg is excited to return to Elon with new perspectives on different people and their lifestyles.

Allie Andrews - London

Allie Andrews is studying and interning abroad in London for the fall semester. As a strategic communications major and business administration minor she chose to study in London to pursue her education in one of Europe’s largest and culturally diverse cities.

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