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NEWS 3/6/18 6:47pm

Molly Offstein continues to make progress one year after being struck by car

Elon University cross country runner Molly Offstein continues to make progress in her recovery after being struck by a car while jogging one year ago. On March 6, 2017, Offstein was hit while crossing University Drive at O’Kelly Avenue and sustained multiple serious injuries, including a traumatic brain injury. While 365 days have gone by, the cross country runners are always thinking of their teammate.

LIFESTYLE 11/9/17 12:37pm

Class of 1967 reflects on Elon's changes, similarities fifty years after graduation

When the Class of 1967 graduated from Elon 50 years ago, Elon was still a college, the mascot was a Fighting Christian and Doctor J. Early Danieley was the president. Sandy Bergman Inman, a class of 1967 graduate, had not been back to Elon since her 10th reunion in 1977. Inman said when she stepped on campus for the first time in 40 years, she "could not believe how much it had changed." 

NEWS 10/30/16 8:19pm

Aramark responds to student's campaign against Aramark

Elon University senior Marissa Costner is the face of the nationwide campaign for food provider Aramark to change some of its policies. Costner has been working alongside The Humane League, a nonprofit organization that aims to protect farm animals, to invoke a change in Aramark's treatment of animals.

NEWS 10/27/16 2:24pm

Elon students distribute flyers outside Lakeside Dining Hall protesting Aramark's treatment of animals

When Elon University students walked into Lakeside Dining Hall for lunch today, they were handed a pamphlet with the headline, "The Life of an Aramark Chicken." The front of the flyer featured a picture of an abused chicken. The pamphlets were being handed out by senior Marissa Costner and Humane League member Maddie Segal. "We are asking [Aramark] to change a few of their policies to make it better for animals," Segal said.

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