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LIFESTYLE 3/25/24 5:16pm

Elon Watches: Avatar the Last Remake

Three things: 1) No, it's not as bad as the movie. 2) ‘Show don't tell’. And 3) … why? After five years of production and a change in leadership, Netflix released its own live action adaptation of Nickelodeon’s iconic series: “Avatar the Last Airbender.” By trying to set itself apart from the original show (created by Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko), it’s lost the key elements that made the animated series so good in the first place. While not as bad as the infamous M. Night Shyamalan film, the new Netflix rendition is far from honorable.

LIFESTYLE 2/6/24 3:51pm

Elon Watches: “Black Box Diaries”

Following her own case of sexual assault from 2015, journalist and filmmakers Shiori Ito’s documentary “Black Box Diaries” covers her personal and journalistic journey in Japan as she tries to prosecute her high-profile rapist. Ito’s work has made waves in Japan’s legal system. She continues to sue for defamation after her momentous court case in 2019 at the Tokyo District Court where she was given 3.3 million yen in damages from her alleged rapist, Noriyuki Yamaguchi. While no arrest has been made, her continued victories in court make the “#MeToo” movement a more dominant narrative in Japan.

LIFESTYLE 12/21/23 5:33pm

Elon Watches: “Blue Eye Samurai”

In the shadows of Japan’s samurai legacy lies one unique warrior: Mizu, The Infamous Blue Eye Samurai. Written by Michael Green and Amber Noizumi for Netflix, “Blue Eye Samurai” is a wildly refreshing and action-packed adult animated series. The series follows Mizu, a downtrodden warrior who is outcast because of her blue eyes. In the show, her mixed race heritage of half-Japanese and half-European is seen as a subhuman trait as portrayed in the show. As a result, Mizu hides her blue eyes with tinted sunglasses and a Ronin hat, concealing her identity as both mixed race and female.

OPINIONS 3/15/23 2:05pm

SAMUELS: I won’t be playing Hogwarts Legacy

It felt like the internet was constantly reminding me of the existence of Hogwarts Legacy for the length of 2022, trying to sweep me up into the hype for the game. On Feb. 10, Portkey Games released the long anticipated Hogwarts Legacy to gamers and “Harry Potter” fans all across the world. Despite being such an influential intellectual property, The Wizarding World is no world I want a part of, especially not for $70. 

LIFESTYLE 9/16/22 11:42pm

“LGBTQIA Histories and Future of Alamance County” conversation panel takes place at Persnickety Books

The event was hosted by Alamance Pride, Elon University’s Gender & LGBTQIA Center, Elon Women’s Gender, & Sexuality Studies and Elon’s Gender & Sexuality Living Learning Community. Hosted at Persnickety Books, the event featured a presentation from Josh Hollands, Elon University’s Fulbright Scholar, a poetry reading from Founder of Define and Empower Amanda Bennet, and small group discussions. 

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