NEWS 8/25/21 5:38pm

Redistricting data reveals population shifts for Alamance County

In the coming months, legislators in the North Carolina General Assembly will use redistricting data from the 2020 Census to redraw state congressional districts, state senate districts and state house districts. The redistricting data for North Carolina, including for Alamance County, was released by the U.S. Census Bureau on Aug. 12.

NEWS 8/24/21 10:53am

Funds and finances: A Q&A with Janet Williams

Janet Williams joined Elon’s faculty in April to serve as the vice president for finance and administration. Her role at the university includes having an executive oversight for a broad range of financial, business, and support operations and planning. 

NEWS 8/20/21 2:23pm

Get to know your on-campus neighborhoods

The freshman housing experience is often either a treasured or terrible memory for many college students, and it’s where students begin to find their first sense of community on campus. Elon University has eight residential neighborhoods, five of which are open to freshmen. These neighborhoods boast varying themes and traditions, creating the opportunity for students to bond and connect with one another. 

NEWS 8/20/21 11:03am

Get to know your orientation leaders

From leading new students to their first residential neighborhood meeting to attending the hypnotist event together at Rhodes Stadium, orientation leaders are one of the first faces incoming students see when they arrive on campus.


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