NEWS 3/20/24 11:36am

NOAA issues fire spread warning for Alamance County until 8 p.m.

A fire warning has been issued by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration across central North Carolina from noon to 8 p.m. on Wednesday, March 20. Otherwise known as a Red Flag warning, this means that the affected areas are at an increased risk of fires spreading due to a combination of high winds, low humidity and warm temperatures. The warning is in effect for Alamance, Person, Granville, Vance, Warren, Halifax, Forsyth, Guilford, Orange and Durham counties.

NEWS 3/20/24 11:35am

HealthEU moves toward new wellness center

Elon officials noticed there were different programs dedicated to students' well-being for years, but they were all scattered across campus, Elon University Dean of Students Jana Lynn Patterson said. In August 2022, the University launched HealthEU, Elon University’s health and wellness initiative, to organize those already existing organizations, but also promote them to students. Patterson said HealthEU is not only for students to take advantage of, but also for faculty and staff. The initiative consists of six pillars: community, emotional, physical, financial, purpose and social well-being. Patterson said all of these pillars are interconnected and centralized.

NEWS 3/19/24 11:11pm

Phoenix Free: Sobriety on campus

Months before coming to Elon, current senior Syd Danziger made the decision to become sober. Without fully knowing what that would entail, Danziger entered Elon University feeling isolated and striving to keep this aspect of their identity quiet. Now, Danziger is the president of Phoenix Free, Elon’s collegiate recovery community. Danziger said despite initial hesitation around making their sobriety part of their identity – having Phoenix Free as a community has been crucial to their college experience and sobriety. Elon is one of nine universities in North Carolina receiving funding from North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services for its collegiate recovery program.

NEWS 3/19/24 9:15pm

NC Court of Appeals rules Graham Confederate monument cannot be removed by Alamance County

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People was the first in a long line of plaintiffs in a lawsuit against Alamance County and its Board of Commissioners for protecting the Confederate monument located in front of the county courthouse in Graham. The North Carolina Court of Appeals ruled in favor of the county commissioners on March 19, stating that the commissioners lack the authority to move the monument due to North Carolina’s Monument Protection Law. The monument has been the subject of numerous controversies, events and protests — especially at the height of the George Floyd era in 2020.

NEWS 3/19/24 3:25pm

Delta Delta Delta faces probation

Delta Delta Delta, otherwise known as Tri Delta, is one of Elon’s nine Panhellenic sororities and has been placed on probation. According to student involvement ambassador Aidan Connolly, Tri Delta is not allowed to recruit new members next spring and the organization's operations have been briefly suspended. According to university spokesperson Owen Covington, the sorority will face disciplinary probation for two years due to multiple violations of the Code of Conduct. This comes after investigations of activities related to its new member education program.

NEWS 3/18/24 8:16pm

County Commissioners welcome ABSS interim superintendent

Hours after being sworn in as Interim Superintendent of the Alamance-Burlington School System, Bill Harrison was welcomed into his role by members of the Alamance County Board of Commissioners during their meeting on March 18. He replaced former Superintendent Dain Butler who resigned earlier this month. Harrison is no stranger to Alamance County, he previously served as both interim superintendent and superintendent of the school system between 2014 and 2018. Before that, he served as the chairman for the State Board of Education from 2009 to 2013.

NEWS 3/18/24 1:27pm

Three individuals trespass on campus; false rumors circulate

Last night, multiple Elon resident assistants sent messages to their halls warning students about going outside alone, as there were rumors circulating about three individuals targeting girls on campus. Elon University Campus Police Chief Joe LeMire said three individuals were found making rude comments and “racially charged words.” Elon News Network reached out to the office of campus police for comment at roughly 11:30 p.m. on March 17, and was told police were actively dispatched and unavailable for comment. Elon News Network then reposted the messages sent from RAs to Instagram and Facebook.

NEWS 3/18/24 9:51am

Elon upperclassmen face challenges with on-campus housing changes

Elon University upperclassmen face challenges with housing following residence life’s announcement no longer allowing all residents in the Crest, Danieley and Oaks apartments to renew their leases. Students living in Park Place and Station at Mill Point apartments were allowed to renew at designated times earlier this semester. Students living in Crest, Danieley and Oaks are able to participate in the housing selection process, the same as students who did not previously have leases in these neighborhoods. This is the first year the change will be implemented.

NEWS 3/16/24 3:34pm

Elon University’s Student Professional Development Center helps students with job, internship opportunities

Junior Chris Murphy has been searching for internships that would fit for his major in music or his minor in communications. One way he has been trying to find these options is through the Student Professional Development Center with Brooke Buffington, assistant vice president for the SPDC. Buffington said the SPDC has always had the goal of getting 85 to 90% of graduating seniors to work with the office in one way or another. 

NEWS 3/15/24 11:02am

Elon downtown development department to open on 104 N. Williamson Ave

Richard Roedner, town manager for the town of Elon, announced that the town government is renting the building on 104 N. Williamson Ave, in downtown Elon. The town will be relocating its new downtown development department there, as well as establishing the Elon Police Department’s community outreach program. The location used to be Elon’s town hall in the 1960’s before moving to their current town hall across the train tracks at 104 S. Williamson Ave. Now, according to Roedner, the town government is reclaiming the spot to expand their office space. They are renting the location from the property owners at $6,000 per month.

NEWS 3/14/24 9:34pm

Elon University hosts multi-sided discussion on Israel-Hamas War

Elon University hosted Mira Sucharov, professor of political science at Carleton University, on March 14 as part of Elon's initiative to promote discussion and foster understanding of the ongoing Israel-Hamas War. The event was called "Identity, Trauma, and Justice: The War between Israel and Hamas," and led by Baris Kesgin, Elon professor of political science and policy studies. Sucharov emphasized the importance of defining the terms people use in a discussion about the conflict between Israel and Hamas. Sucharov’s discussion takes place two days after students joined together to march in solidarity and support of victims of oppression.

NEWS 3/13/24 5:03pm

Elon University webinar highlights AI’s effect on academia, future of thought

Elon University President Connie Book and Elon’s Imagining the Digital Future Center hosted a webinar titled “AI in Academia: Transforming Teaching and Learning in the Digital Era” to discuss issues involving artificial intelligence in higher education. Panelists included Lee Rainie, the director of the Imagining the Digital Future Center; Ethan Mollick, a faculty scholar at the University of Pennsylvania; Udo Sglavo, the Vice President of Applied AI and Modeling R&D at the SAS Institute; and Hoda Mostafa, the director of the Center for learning and teaching at American University in Cairo, Egypt.

NEWS 3/12/24 8:09pm

Elon students walk in solidarity for victims of oppression

Members of the Elon University community gathered on campus March 12 to walk in solidarity with and for victims of oppression. The march was organized by Students for Peace and Justice roughly one week after the International Day of Action, during which protestors gathered worldwide to demand an immediate ceasefire of the Israel-Hamas War. Participants at Elon met together with signs and traditional Middle Eastern shemagh scarves. They marched twice on the designated route through Global and Loy neighborhoods. During the event, demonstrators started yelling “stop killing women, stop killing children” upon the second time of walking the route.

NEWS 3/12/24 6:51pm

No students initially applied for student body president, application extended

Despite Elon’s Student Government Association working to recruit members to run in elections, no student applied to run for student body president. The application closed at 5 p.m. March 11. The organization met for a special meeting March 12 to amend the bylaws and extended applications for all SGA positions until 10 a.m. March 13. SGA initially extended the deadline to 10 a.m. March 12, but according to SGA election bylaws, the organization was not technically allowed to extend it without an election amendment approved by the senate, and no applications were accepted by the second deadline. 

NEWS 3/12/24 4:13pm

Friends of Alamance County Public Libraries hosts spring book sale

Books are spilling off the shelves and into the bags and baskets of avid readers at this year’s spring book sale. The event is hosted in the basement of May Memorial Library in Downtown Burlington from March 8 through March 17. The Friends of Alamance County Public Libraries is a nonprofit organization that hosts a book sale every fall and spring with the help of more than 50 volunteers. Board member Debbie Mann said the money from book sales funds all children and adult programs across all Alamance County Public Libraries.

NEWS 3/12/24 11:05am

East Haggard, North Oak Avenue closed due to gas leak

East Haggard was briefly closed from North Oak Avenue to Lawrence Street due to a gas leak, according to an E-Alert. This is the third gas leak near or on Elon University’s campus in three months. According to Dante Howell, construction personnel on scene, one of the construction workers hit an active, main gas line on Haggard Avenue. Following protocol, they called the fire department and closed off the area. As of 11:30 a.m. Howell said the road had been reopened for about an hour — though Howell is managing the flow of one-lane traffic just past Sheridan Place.

NEWS 3/12/24 12:15am

Elon University Liberal Arts Forum hosts Olympic athlete, filmmaker, writer

Elon University hosted a liberal arts forum March 11 where Olympic athlete, filmmaker and writer Alexi Pappas talked about her experiences as an Olympic athlete. According to Pappas, one of the first things she learned after her games is that a lot of Olympic athletes fall into depression after they finish competing. Pappas said she believes that this depression was an aftermath of her mindset at the time; she had reached her peak athletic ability by breaking a national record in the 10k for Greece and was questioned constantly about what would be next for her.

NEWS 3/11/24 3:24pm

Elon senior delves into black holes: Journey of code, curiosity, cosmic phenomena

Elon University senior Jordan Wels is uncovering the mysteries of black holes, fueled by a Lumen Prize scholarship and guided by his mentor: Elon professor of astrophysics Chris Richardson. Wels' research explores the evolution of these celestial objects and their potential impact on the Milky Way galaxy and beyond. Wels said Elon has played a crucial role in supporting his research. Richardson said he and Wels found a new connection between how big a black hole can get and the kinds of elements found in the galaxy that the black hole is located.

NEWS 3/10/24 1:56pm

Burlington Animal Services invites community to Hike with Hounds

Hikes with Hounds started in spring 2015. The group meets every month at different park trails across Alamance County, which allows community members to not only meet one another, but also dogs from the shelter. The hikes happen with a group of no more than 12 volunteers and between two and five dogs. Beyond the hikes, the Dog Day Out Program is another chance for dogs to get outside for a few hours. Program Manager for Burlington Animal Services Sydney Herron said Elon University students are primarily the ones who participate.

NEWS 3/10/24 1:52pm

Photo Gallery: Elon Day 2024

Elon University received more than $2.6 million in donations and roughly 6,126 gifts for the 11th annual Elon Day on March 7. Throughout the day, four new endowments were created and donors gave to approximately 224 different campus funds. These donations put the total amount of money given to Elon at just under $20 million over the last 11 years — all provided by alumni, parents and grandparents, faculty and staff, friends or students.