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NEWS 4/9/24 7:48pm

Elon Town Council to debate potential 7.4% increase for personnel on proposed 2025 budget

Rising personnel costs dominate Elon town manager’s proposed $10.9 million fiscal year 2025 budget, which the town council plans to debate during a work session April 15. Though the overall budget is up only 2% from last year, town manager Richard Roedner is proposing a 7.4% increase in personnel costs. Elon’s $2.4 million police personnel budget would stay flat under the proposal. The town’s total personnel budget would increase by $462,315 to $6.7 million. Mayor Emily Sharpe said one of the main topics for the council to discuss was opening new proposed positions for different departments.

NEWS 3/16/24 3:34pm

Elon University’s Student Professional Development Center helps students with job, internship opportunities

Junior Chris Murphy has been searching for internships that would fit for his major in music or his minor in communications. One way he has been trying to find these options is through the Student Professional Development Center with Brooke Buffington, assistant vice president for the SPDC. Buffington said the SPDC has always had the goal of getting 85 to 90% of graduating seniors to work with the office in one way or another. 

LIFESTYLE 9/28/23 12:55pm

Elon University ensemble performs contemporary classical music

Elon University’s Contemporary Chamber Ensemble performed this Sunday at the Center for the Arts Black Box. The band played four songs that fell under the “contemporary music” style. The ensemble was created by director Jonathan Poquette as a way for contemporary music to be a part of Elon’s musical culture. The group consists of a cello player, a violinist, a flute player and a percussion player. The ensemble included four performers outside of the Elon faculty and also featured students in the Elon Wind Ensemble for the final piece.

LIFESTYLE 9/22/23 8:12pm

Elon University ensemble to perform this weekend

Elon University’s Contemporary Chamber Ensemble will be performing at 2 p.m. Sept. 24 in the CFA Black Box. The performance will have a focus of music under the category of “contemporary music”. The ensemble was created in 2021 by director Jonathan Poquette, who said he was inspired by artistic advisor for the ensemble, Andy Hudson, and the restrictions they both felt when it came to performing contemporary music. “Contemporary music isn’t really championed or put forth in this part of the region,” Poquette said. “How can we make it more of a culture here on campus, in Elon?”

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