NEWS 11/2/20 11:52am

Elon cans composting due to pandemic precautions

Only single-use containers are being used on campus this semester, as well as in the dining halls, as an effort to minimize the risk of transmitting COVID-19. Post-consumer compostable waste, such as used to-go boxes, is not currently being composted this fall semester due to challenges coming from COVID-19, according to the Elon sustainability website. 

NEWS 10/30/20 2:18pm

Alamance County's people of the polls

Voters in Alamance County have lined up at the polls for early voting at the county's five locations. Adrianne Mowry has been at Holly Hill Mall encouraging voters to vote for the Green Party while Sadie Howard-Stanfield has been working at polls for over 30 years and his currently the Democratic precint chair at the Elmira Community Chair.

NEWS 10/30/20 11:31am

Contact tracing catches COVID-19 clusters

Within the past two weeks, ten clusters have been identified by the Alamance County Health Department amongst Elon University students. Clusters of COVID-19 cases have been popping up in residence halls and greek organizations across campus. Seven fraternities and sororities and three freshman dorms all have had clusters.

NEWS 10/29/20 1:38pm

COVID-19 testing continues while the power is out

Despite the campus wide power outage at Elon University’s coronavirus testing is still up and running in Alumni Gym. According to Brett Simon, assistant director of campus recreation and wellness for sport programs, COVID-19 testing will continue as planned for the remainder of the day, despite Alumni Gym currently being without power. 

NEWS 10/29/20 10:33am

COVID-19 spikes cause anxiety, ire among students

Some students are angry after seeing the spike in the school’s COVID-19 case numbers, while others feel like they can't socialize at all because of the record high case numbers. One student said she most of that anger was directed at the Elon administration and believes that through their emails, the university is blaming students for the spike in cases. 

NEWS 10/28/20 5:51pm

Elon University uses new, cheaper COVID-19 test

Elon University is using a new PCR COVID-19 test from Radeas Labs. The change in test comes as the university hopes to test up to 5,000 students for the virus this week. Chair of the Ready & Resilient Committee Jeff Stein said after assessing the company’s “capabilities negotiating a contract,” the university was able to start using the tests this week. 

NEWS 10/27/20 6:07pm

Alamance County 2020 voter guide

The presidential election is not the only thing on the ballot in North Carolina this November. In addition to voting for president, Alamanace County voters will pick a governor, U.S. senator, U.S. representative, state senator, state representatives and Alamance County commissioners. 

NEWS 10/26/20 5:15pm

Faces of Homelessness panel to take place virtually

The Kernodle Center for Civic Life is hosting a virtual panel that will include three people who have faced or currently facing homelessness. This year, the event is taking place on Zoom. The Faces of Homelessnes panel is assembled by the National Coalition for the Homeless and sponsored by the Elon chapter of Campus Kitchen. 

NEWS 10/26/20 1:25pm

Elon Votes encourages civic engagement

Elon Votes! is a student-led, nonpartisan initiative on campus aimed to engage students in civic and political participation. The initiative started in 2014 and is currently the exclusive voter registration organization on campus.

NEWS 10/26/20 10:20am

Elon to host national undergraduate research journal

For the next three years, Elon University’s political science department will edit and publish the Pi Sigma Alpha Undergraduate Journal of Politics, which releases both a spring and fall issue each year. Elon will be the fourth school to host the journal since it was founded in 2001.


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