NEWS 10/24/18 8:00am

Behind the Screen: Understanding Turner Theatre selections

Since opening in December 2016, Turner Theatre has brought a wide variety of films for Elon University students, faculty and staff to enjoy in the comfort of their own campus. All anyone needs is a Phoenix Card and some free time to settle into comfortable seats in Schar Hall for a cinematic experience.

NEWS 10/22/18 12:45pm

Mold and mildew in Virginia dorms

Students say they are more than frustrated with the mold outbreak in Virginia. This issue started earlier in the semester, but the roommates say they didn't receive help until Fall Break. 

NEWS 10/20/18 3:27pm

Elon Talks: Inauguration Edition

As part of the many events during the week of President Book's Inauguration, Elon Talks highlights the academic successes and experiences of both professors and their students to Elon University's alumni.