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NEWS 4/21/15 1:47am

Elon Employees Take Advantage of Tuition Remission

According to Bill Burpitt, associate dean of the Martha and Spencer Love School of Business, about 10 percent of the Masters of Business Administration students at Elon University are employees of the university. One of the benefits Elon employees receive is free tuition to any classes offered at Elon, also known as tuition remission. Morgan Oliver, director of basketball operations for women's basketball, has been taking MBA classes for about a month.

SPORTS 11/25/14 12:20am

Walk-on athletes find motivation to play through passions

Many walk-on athletes, who are on the roster but do not receive athletic scholarships, say they find their motivation by simply loving the game. "I get a high sense of fulfillment from playing," said Sam Hershberger, a junior on the men's basketball team. Hershberger was in contact with Elon coaches before enrolling in the university, but he said they were upfront in explaining he would be a walk-on athlete.

NEWS 9/16/14 10:00am

Elon students works as campaign manager for local politician

Election day is less than two months away, and while most students educate themselves about political platforms, one Elon student does more to help a local politician. Sophomore Gabriel Corbett is the campaign manager for school board candidate and Assistant Bursar Jeremy Teetor.

SPORTS 9/9/14 12:29pm

Track renovations force team to practice off campus

The plan to renovate Belk Track has been in the making for several years. After Elon University Trustee Jeanne Robertson donated to the Athletics Department, the university had enough funds to begin construction "The life of track generally is ten years, you hope to get twelve years, and that is about where our track was from when it was installed," said Dave Blank, Elon's Athletic Director. Some of the renovations include replacing the track surface, the D-zone where high jumping and pole vaulting take place, adding multiple pits and installing lights into the facility. The construction for these renovations began in May and are not scheduled to be finished until the end of October. Official practice does not start until Sept.

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