According to Bill Burpitt, associate dean of the Martha and Spencer Love School of Business, about 10 percent of the Masters of Business Administration students at Elon University are employees of the university.

One of the benefits Elon employees receive is free tuition to any classes offered at Elon, also known as tuition remission.

Morgan Oliver, director of basketball operations for women's basketball, has been taking MBA classes for about a month. She works full time for the university and takes a class once a week at night.

"We learned in class just the other day that 65 percent of people are visual learners," Oliver said. "How many times do you talk to people and write it out?"

Nolan Patouillet, assistant director of residence life, has been enrolled in the program for over a year but didn't always know he wanted to get into business.

"[being in business] gives me some options in a couple of years if I decide to transition out of higher education I have some opportunities as well," Patouillet said.

Both Patouillet and Oliver said their supervisors were supportive of their endeavors to pursue their MBA degrees.