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NEWS 10/22/15 10:13am

A state fair to remember

Once a year, folks from all walks of life find themselves waking in the middle of the night to an inexplicable autumnal energy flowing across time and space, telling them the time has come. The annual people-watching state championship, otherwise known as the North Carolina State Fair, has arrived.

NEWS 9/11/15 11:24am

Doctors' Orders

For more than 100 years, we here at Doctors’ Orders have been bringing nose exhalations, chuckles and maybe — if we’re lucky — even laughter to the Elon University community.

NEWS 7/29/15 6:15pm

Zayn Malik Goes #Zolo

Zayn girls, rejoice, your hour is nigh — and so is Zayn’s. The 1D-detractor has gone #zolo. [embed][/embed] Zayn Malik tweeted a picture of himself signing a deal with RCA records this afternoon, officially moving from the label that repped One Direction and joining the likes of Chris Brown, Shakira, Justin Timberlake and Alisha Keys. His initial tweet was swiftly followed by another with the hashtag #REALME and one that strongly implied he had been planning his solo career for a while now — since his departure from One Direction.

NEWS 7/23/15 5:55pm

Taylor Swift, let's talk about white feminism.

Taylor Swift attempted to bring the Infamous Swift-Minaj Twitter Fiasco of 2015 to an end today, tweeting out an apology to her followers and to Nicki for reacting negatively to Nicki’s well-deserved criticism of the MTV Video Music Award (VMA) nominations.

NEWS 5/28/13 1:07pm

Lavender Graduation honors Elon’s growing LGBTQ community

Elon University’s LGBTQ community said goodbye to its seniors May 19 during Lavender Graduation, a special graduation ceremony that honors LGBTQ students and allies for their achievements during their college career. While Spectrum, Elon’s queer-straight alliance, organized the event, the ceremony was open to all LGBTQ students.

NEWS 4/25/13 10:23pm

'Take Back the Night' sheds light on sexual assault

Sororities gathered in clumps, clubs including Spectrum and EFFECT readied their banners and Becca Bishopric, coordinator for violence prevention and response at Elon University, took the microphone. “I just want to thank you all for coming,” Bishopric said.

NEWS 4/18/13 6:32pm

Identity workshop yields surprising results for participants

Elon University students discussed the fluid nature of sexuality and gender identity in a workshop hosted by Spectrum, the university’s queer-straight alliance, April 16. Participants filled out a worksheet to help them determine where they fell on the Kinsey scale, a numerical measurement of same-sex attraction.

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