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NEWS 5/19/15 10:45am

Unaccompanied minors seek new homes and lives in NC

In the desert, they stopped to ask for water. Instead, they got detained. The 17-year-old Honduran girl and her 10-month-old daughter are two of 68,000 children who have crossed the border into the United States alone, fleeing a region rife with violence. The young mother and daughter were ushered into a crowded “cooler,” a shelter at the border, where they stayed for 15 days before being transported to a different shelter in Arizona. “They treated us bad,” the Honduran teenager said.

NEWS 5/6/15 1:02pm

Letter to the editor

Written by Cheri Armour Samples ’09 I graduated in 2009 from Elon, and throughout my incredible four years there, I remained incredulous each year when, each April, on a beautiful afternoon, the walls and carpets in the residence halls would be streaked with mud. Incriminating footprints would lead from the bottom of the stairwells to the top, and often, a frustrated RA (me throughout the final three years at uni) would have to report the mess to Physical Plant, who, in addition to their typical duties, had to add “cleaning up after a bunch of over-privileged brats who write condescending pieces in to the school paper blaming the school for their sloppy behavior without so much as a thanks” to their to-do list. I was horrified when someone submitted “University should minimize Festivus damages,” a piece that outlined the reasons why Elon was somehow responsible for the mess that students left behind following the  Festivus romp in the mud.  The reasoning provided for why Elon was responsible was because Elon had not provided students with hoses to clean off with, despite the fact that the school has, for years, attempted to disassociate itself from the activity.

NEWS 4/9/15 12:16pm

Students who come out as LGBTQIA within Greek system face additional challenges

Greek life regulations don’t discriminate, pressure to hide sexuality originates from within organizations When Samantha Jones came out as a lesbian, she found comfort in her close friends but a letdown in a Greek system that was less than welcoming. A sister of the Eta Zeta chapter of Zeta Tau Alpha at Elon University, Jones, ’13, said some of her sisters offered a supportive environment when she came out in 2012, but others did just the opposite.

NEWS 3/26/15 4:57pm

Elon to launch campus safety app

Elon University’s Campus Safety and Police will launch LiveSafe, a smartphone safety application, March 30. The app will allow students to submit tips to Campus Security via their smartphones as well as communicate with officers on duty. To urge students to download the app, Campus Safety and Police will administer a scavenger hunt from March 30-April 2 that will send students searching for images of the Elon Phoenix across campus.

NEWS 3/12/15 7:00am

Don’t execute UNC shooter

Since the fatal shooting of three Muslim students from Chapel Hill nearly a month ago, details have remained relatively scarce regarding the circumstances behind the attack.

NEWS 2/11/15 4:52pm

A letter to students from President Lambert

Dear Students, Welcome back to campus.  I hope your spring classes are off to a wonderful start. I am compelled to write as we begin a new semester to offer a reflection on a recent cowardly action by an individual who yelled a racial slur and sexually graphic insult from a moving car to an undergraduate student.

NEWS 11/12/14 2:28pm

Sigma Pi’s appeal denied by university, suspension upheld

Jana Lynn Patterson, associate vice president for student life and dean of student health and wellness, upheld Elon University’s suspension of Sigma Pi Epsilon-Theta for hazing after reviewing a formal appeal submitted by the fraternity and meeting with representatives from the group on Monday. Patterson’s decision adheres to the university’s original suspension of the organization until spring 2017. The 12 Sigma Pi members who lived in the Loy Center’s House A are working with Dean of Student Development Rex Waters to find alternative housing for Winter Term and the spring semester, said Smith Jackson, vice president for student life and dean of students, in a statement Wednesday.

NEWS 11/5/14 2:50pm

Smarter than your average Burly, apparently

On my first day of class at Elon University, I blatantly lied about where I was from. I told people I was from Durham or South Dakota or Beirut — anything to deter the inevitable line of questioning that I knew would ensue if I told the truth. Now, I say it out loud.

NEWS 9/17/14 9:31am

Elon application now inquires about sexual orientation, gender identity

Beginning this month and for the first time, applicants to Elon University will be given the option to identify themselves as part of the LGBTQIA community on the admissions application. The decision to ask Elon hopefuls an optional question about sexual orientation and gender identity is part of an effort to create an atmosphere of inclusion on campus before students arrive at Elon, said Matthew Antonio Bosch, director of the Gender and LGBTQIA Center. “We’ve created an institutional center, where people feel they belong, and that belonging now starts from the first moment of inquiring about the application process,” Bosch said. Elon and Duke University are the first schools in North Carolina to inquire about sexual orientation and gender identity on the admissions application.

NEWS 9/3/14 3:59pm

SGA budget allocations restructured

The Elon University Student Government Association will introduce a streamlined system for allocating funds to student organizations when budget hearings begin next semester. To make the process more efficient, organizations and clubs have been clustered together with other similar groups.

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