An edit has been made to note that any changes to the suspension are pending a formal appeal, which Sigma Pi submitted Wednesday. The outcome will be determined by Jana Lynn Patterson, associate vice president for student life.

The Sigma Pi, Epsilon-Theta Chapter at Elon University has been suspended until Fall 2017 after a university investigation confirmed the fraternity hazed some of its younger members.

Elon’s Office of Student Conduct received a report of the incident during the first week of October. The investigation, which began the same week, revealed evidence that some of the younger fraternity members endured minor physical injuries as a result of the hazing. The university suspended the organization’s activities on Oct. 15.

"At that point there was enough information to say we need to pursue this formally and suspend all activities," said Smith Jackson, vice president for student life and dean of students.

Sigma Pi representatives attended a hearing with Elon’s Honor Board late in October. The hearing confirmed the report, and the university issued the fraternity a three-year suspension, meaning the organization cannot recruit new members or hold philanthropy events.

The length of Sigma Pi’s suspension is subject to change pending the outcome of a formal appeal to Jana Lynn Patterson, associate vice president for student life, which was made Wednesday afternoon. The outcome of the appeal will be decided next week.

Michael Ayalon, executive director of Sigma Pi Fraternity International, said in an email Wednesday that the organization would hold Elon’s chapter accountable with all university policies and governing laws of the fraternity.

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