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NEWS 11/18/15 2:00pm

Small House creates jazz jams

Many students walk into Oakhouse on Elon University’s campus expecting a relaxing and comfortable place to hang out with friends and  decompress from school.  What many students don’t realize is that if they walk into Oakhouse on the first Friday of the month, they can expect jazz music from Small House. Small House is a jazz band comprised of six Elon students.  Brandon Mitchell, one of the band’s members, has always thought about starting a band, he said.  The first step was to start comprising original pieces. Not after long the band got their gig at Oakhouse—First Friday Jazz Jams.  “Its been good so far because people are really coming by to show their support,” Mitchell said.  The band describes themselves as jazz fusion with a touch of many types of different music Mitchell said. At the jazz jams, Small House loosely follows a routine.  First, the band plays some of their original compositions.  Then, after taking a short break they open the floor up to anyone who wants to collaborate.  “Vocalists can sing with us, instrumentalists,” he said.  “From there we branch out and do whatever people want to do.  We kind of like to reach back to the community and reach back to other musicians.” One of Small House’s focuses is to remain connected with the community, he said.  “Jazz in general is a universal language,” he said.  “It really does bring people together.  We’re really trying to focus on the community aspect.  We’re trying to introduce this music to people.  We want people to share this experience with us because it really is an experience for us too.” Brandon, a music performance major with a concentration in percussion, has been collaborating with members of the band for a while.

NEWS 10/27/15 5:24pm

Healing through helping

Three organizations came together to present inspirational speaker Dennis Gillan 7:30 p.m. Monday in Whitley Auditorium. The space was filled with students from different circles within Elon University, ranging from fraternity and sorority members to those interested in mental health. Zeta Beta Tau, Alpha Omicron Pi and Active Minds hosted Gillan to talk about his struggles and the greater context of mental health in college. Gillan opened his talk with a simple yet powerful statement. “My name is Dennis Gillan, and suicide stinks,” he said.

NEWS 10/26/15 6:17pm

Elon students on 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show'

On Monday afternoon three Elon University community members made their debut on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.  Acorn Coffee Shop employee Kathryn Thompson, junior Taylor Zisholtz and freshman Lucy Smith-Williams all sat down with DeGeneres to explain how they changed each other’s lives             “This is a beautiful story,” DeGeneres said when they sat down.  Their story began when Thompson asked Zisholtz and Smith-Williams where they were from on a quiet Friday night at Acorn.              “When Lucy announced that she was from Florida, her face just lit up and she was ecstatic,” Zisholtz said on The Ellen DeGeneres show.              It had been Thompson’s lifelong dream to bring her grandchildren to Disney World, she said.              “That was my dream, but I just make it pay day to pay day,” Thompson said as she fought back tears.  DeGeneres quickly handed her tissues to dry her eyes.             After hearing Thompson’s wish, the two students started a GoFundMe page.  People from many different places donated to the page including current Elon students, alumni and people who never attended Elon at all.  Donation amounts spanned from just $5 to $1000, to every amount in between. Both DeGeneres and the audience were amazed by the two students’ ability to fundraise over $10,000 to get Thompson to Disney World.  Their original goal was to raise $6,500. “There’s a lot of bad out there, and look what you did by meeting someone you didn’t know, helping her make her dream come true,” DeGeneres said.  “So thank you for doing that.”             In a surprise, the photo company Shutterfly matched Zisholtz and Smith-Williams’ fundraising and gave Thompson another $10,000 on the show.              Both Zisholtz and Smith-Williams embraced Thompson as smiled in disbelief.

NEWS 10/15/15 3:52pm

​Instant fun at 'Instant Laughter'

Elon University students will surely be laughing on Oct. 15 and 17, and not just because of the homecoming weekend with friends. The Instant Laughter Company will be performing their annual show this weekend. 

NEWS 10/3/15 12:30pm

Students, staff explore Loy Farms

In the brief span of time that it wasn’t raining at Elon University this past week, a varied group of educators, staff members, students and community members gathered together to explore the Loy Farms at Elon. 

NEWS 10/2/15 2:08pm

Breaking down nuclear weapons

When junior Jonathan Deaton received his $5000 prize from the Nukebusters Short Film Contest, he was, justifiably, overwhelmed. His short film, titled "Joining the Conversation," was about the blurry relationship between millennials and their knowledge of nuclear weapons and development.

NEWS 9/21/15 5:04pm

Students Search for a Semester Abroad

Vibrant and colorful flags were hung from over 20 tables in upstairs Lakeside on Thursday.  They represented the many different countries that Elon University students have been to, and the many places Elon students will continue to study abroad.

NEWS 9/12/15 11:12am

Elon Eats: NC Jelly Donuts

Most Saturday mornings for Elon University students are a time to relax, hang out with friends and get a usually late meal. While brunching is becoming the trendy meal for young adults — filling their plates with eggs benedict, pancakes and bottomless mimosas, a slightly faster and more economical option is munching on the beloved doughnut.

NEWS 9/8/15 1:37pm

NPHC welcomes all with programming week

When senior Danielle Williams joined the National Pan-Hellenic Council, or NPHC, her freshman year, she knew that she wanted to be heavily involved in the organization.  By her sophomore year, she did just that, becoming the president of NPHC and the youngest member of the executive board.

NEWS 3/4/15 8:01pm

Students, staff strive for sustainability

The BioBus, water bottle refill stations and composting options are just a few of the sustainable efforts Elon University has implemented to make the campus more eco-friendly, but students don’t always take advantage of them. The Office of Sustainability has been hard at work making Elon more eco-friendly since the Environmental Advisory Council (EAC) created the Sustainability Master Plan in 2006. Currently, Elon has 19 Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED)-certified structures.

NEWS 3/4/15 7:43pm

The humans behind ‘Humans of Elon’

Correction 4/5: Due to an editing error, an earlier headline of this story referred to "Humans at Elon." The photography project is "Humans of Elon." The Pendulum regrets the error.  A person, a picture and a quote.  These are the elements of “Humans of Elon,” a photo collection of people on Elon University’s campus started and run by freshmen Ben Driscoll and Mercedes Kent.  The founders decided to collaborate on the project before fall classes started.

NEWS 1/26/15 11:36am

Documentation embraces ethnic heritage

In a dimly lit green room in the back of Elon University’s McCrary Theatre, artist, spoken word performer and filmmaker Kip Fulbeck described a vivid memory from his childhood. “I remember a girl in fifth grade saying, ‘I know you like me.

NEWS 1/26/15 11:02am

Commander and Thief: a recap of House of Cards

After eight nominations and a slew of performances, Kevin Spacey, who plays Frank Underwood in political thriller “House of Cards,” won his first Golden Globe for Best Actor in a TV Drama last week. He joins fellow cast member Robin Wright, who won Best Actress in a TV Drama in 2014 for her role as Claire Underwood, Spacey’s on-screen wife. The series itself has not won a Golden Globe for Best TV Drama despite critical acclaim and consecutive nominations. After Spacey’s win, Netflix released the trailer for the third season of “House of Cards.” The trailer features the Underwoods in the aftermath of their vengeful political antics. Though the new trailer cast the characters in a darker light than before, the first season itself was telling of the Underwood’s deviant ways. If you haven’t jumped aboard the “House of Cards” bandwagon by committing your time to seasons one and two, hang on. Season One begins when Underwood, the House of Representatives majority whip, is passed over for Secretary of State, despite being previously promised this position by President Garrett Walker.

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