Update: One of the shooting victims has been released from the hospital as of 3 p.m. Sept. 19, according to Chief of Town of Elon Police Department Kelly Blackwelder. The other victim is in stable condition. The original story is below. 

Two men are in the hospital following a shooting Sept. 17 at 957 East Haggard Ave., according to the Town of Elon Police Department. 

When officers arrived on the scene Saturday night, they found the two men suffering gunshot wounds, one with an injury in the face and the other in the chest.

According to Elon police, the subject who was shot in the face is in stable condition. The other’s condition is critical. The police said there is no suspect at large and that the incident was an altercation between the two victims. 

Chief of Town of Elon Police Department Kelly Blackwelder told Elon News Network in an email, updates and developments will be posted to the department’s Facebook

“We are also diligently working to get updates on the medical condition of the persons involved,” Blackwelder wrote. “There has been no change since our press release.”

The initial police report has not yet been approved by the supervisor to be made public, according to Blackwelder. She said the investigation is active and ongoing. 

Blackwelder confirmed in an email that the two men involved in the shooting are not Elon University students.

Elon senior Maria Torres Monteverde lives off campus near the location of the shooting. She said she was surprised there was no E-Alert sent to students. 

“The first thought that came to my mind was, I didn’t get an E-Alert that usually all students get if something crime related, weathter related, construction related happens,” Torres Monteverde said. “I was in a little bit of shock.” 

Those with any information are encouraged to contact the police department at 336-584-1301 or the Alamance County-Wide Crime Stoppers at 336-229-7100.