Elon University alumni of all ages came back to campus to celebrate the annual Homecoming tailgate on the Lake Mary Nell promenade Nov. 5. Tents for each class reunion held multiple families and friends, as well as different student organizations handling food for the event. 

Alumni were very excited to return to Elon and see the developments that have occurred on campus in the last few years. 

Annette Orbert ’90, an alumna and former employee at the university, lives in the town of Elon, and said she was very excited to have the opportunity to reunite with friends and see everyone come together. 

“Compared to back in the day, it’s a lot bigger and better, and everyone’s having a good time”, she said. “It’s great seeing everybody having a fun time, and I’m seeing everyone — whether I remember their names, I know their faces.”

Both alumni and students played games together and joined the greater Elon community for a day of festivities and good times, as the weather was in the upper 70s. A new addition to the Elon Homecoming Tailgate, the “swag wagon”, gave attendees free merchandise such as pompoms, bucket hats and bags to bring spirit before the football game. 

John Foster, coordinator of Annual Giving, emphasized his excitement with  the “swag wagon’s” debut, as it had something for everyone. 

“The tailgate has been so much fun. To see everyone come back to campus is amazing,” Foster said. “All day, people have been coming up to the swag wagon and getting free stuff, giving their names — it’s been cool all around. As a non-Elon alum, it’s cool to meet with people and see why they love Elon.” 

Current students were also in attendance, playing games such as cornhole and spike ball, as well as running student organization tents. 

Madison Allen, a sophomore in Kappa Delta, said she had a good time hanging out with her greek family and Kappa Delta alumni.

“It’s been super fun,” Allen said. “I got to hang out with my sorority sisters and meet a lot of Kappa Delta’s that graduated previously.”