NEWS 3/3/20 9:10pm

Elon SGA elects new representatives for 2020

Miley won the election over junior Brandon Veal by 25 votes. According to SGA, 2,250 students voted, and Miley won by a 1.1% margin. Student participation in the election dropped by about 17% from last year, when 2,705 students voted.

NEWS 3/3/20 8:21pm

LIVE BLOG: Alamance County tax referendum results

The Alamance county primary ballot includes a referendum on whether or not to increase the county sales tax from 6.75% to 7%.  If passed, items in the county like groceries and gas would not be affected by the sales tax, but people who spend money at retail shops and food places would bear the tax.

NEWS 3/3/20 8:20pm

LIVE BLOG: North Carolina governor's race

Tonight there are four candidates competing in the race for governor of North Carolina. On the democratic ballot incumbent Roy Cooper is facing off against Ernest Reeves. On the republican ballot, current Lt. Governor Dan Forest is running against state representative Holly Grange.

NEWS 3/3/20 8:19pm

LIVE BLOG: Alamance County Commissioners results

Alamance county voters will vote this Super Tuesday on who will run for the three open seats for County Commissioner. With 12 candidates total, five being Democrat and seven being Republican, only three candidates from each party will be able to move on to the general election.

NEWS 3/3/20 8:16pm

LIVE BLOG: Alamance County district 64 results

In the race for the North Carolina House of Representatives 64th district — which represents the town of Elon and northern Alamance County — there are two Republicans vying for the party nomination. Incumbent Dennis Riddell is being challenged by Peter McClelland a lawyer and Elon Law graduate.

NEWS 3/3/20 8:04pm

LIVE BLOG: NC presidential results

Americans across 14 states, including North Carolina, have taken to the polls today as they vote in the primaries for their choice of a presidential candidate. Democratic voters can select among five different candidates: Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), former Vice President Joe Biden, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), former NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg and Sen. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI).

NEWS 2/28/20 3:33pm

Millennial mayors endorse Pete Buttigieg for president

Mayor of Burlington Ian Baltutis '08 is among many millennial mayors across the nation who have endorsed former South Bend Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg for president. The group — Mayors for Pete — is actively working on the ground within their individual communities to rally support on behalf of Buttigieg. Baltutis said as mayors, they were excited to see him step up and run for national office.


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