NEWS 5/18/23 4:42pm

Town of Elon council member announces bid for reelection

Town of Elon council member Quinn Ray announces bid for and is one of three council members up for reelection in the fall. Ray is the first to announce his candidacy and was first elected to Elon Town Council in 2019. He is a native of Alamance County and said his main goals if elected are to make Elon an example of what a successful college town can be for both students and residents. 

NEWS 5/16/23 11:22pm

North Carolina General Assembly overrides Gov. Cooper’s veto on Senate Bill 20

The North Carolina General Assembly overrode Gov. Roy Cooper’s veto on Senate Bill 20 – making abortion now illegal in North Carolina after 12 weeks. The North Carolina Senate convened on May 16 to vote on the “Care for Women, Children and Families Act,” otherwise known as SB20. After the bill passed by a margin of 30-20, it then moved to the House floor in the evening where it passed with a margin of 72-48. 

NEWS 5/13/23 9:05pm

Gov. Roy Cooper vetoes abortion bill at rally in Raleigh

North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper vetoes Senate Bill 20 at a rally in Raleigh May 13. The bill would limit abortions from 20 weeks to 12 weeks. Cooper said opposed SB20 because he said it was reckless that both Republican-dominated houses of the General Assembly passed the bill within 48 hours. SB20 would also place further restrictions on reproductive rights if it were to become a law.

NEWS 5/13/23 12:47am

Gov. Roy Cooper to veto abortion bill at Raleigh rally

Gov. Roy Cooper is scheduled to veto SB20, an abortion bill that would limit abortions from 20 weeks to 12 weeks, at a Raleigh rally May 13. The bill is titled "Care for Women, Children, and Families Act." This rally follows Cooper's "abortion roundtables" in Mecklenburg County on May 9 and New Haven County on May 10 to encourage legislators to uphold his veto.

NEWS 5/5/23 1:08pm

Elon University Native American Student Association calls for awareness for injustice towards missing and murdered indigenous women

Elon University sophomore Aubee Billie is a member of the Seminole Tribe in Florida. She said crimes toward Indigenous women are often overlooked, and this issue affects how they can live their lives. Billie doesn’t wear her traditional clothes in fear that someone may harm her in some way, shape or form. This, however, is a norm for many native women, Billie said.

NEWS 5/4/23 1:09pm

Elon University Native American Student Association hosts missing and murdered Indigenous women event

Elon University will host a fundraising event to spread awareness for missing and murdered Indigenous women at 5:30 p.m. May 4 in Medallion Plaza. The Native American Student Association, the Gender & LGBTQIA Center, the Center for Race, Ethnicity and Diversity Education and the Truitt Center for Religious and Spiritual Life have all collaborated to organize the event.

NEWS 5/3/23 11:32am

Patsy Simpson resigns from the Alamance-Burlington School System Board of Education

Patsy Simpson officially resigned from the Alamance-Burlington School System Board of Education, despite a previous announcement that she would not step down until learning how the board would be finding her replacement. Simpson has expressed her plans to retire since March; however, the board’s lack of transparency regarding the selection process of her replacement caused her to rescind her resignation.

NEWS 4/27/23 9:25am

North Carolina House proposed bill to ban nearly all abortions

The Human Life Protection Act of 2023, proposed in the North Carolina House, would ban nearly all abortions, except when a mother’s life is in danger. Republican Rep. Keith Kidwell was joined by Reps. Ben Moss and Ed Goodwin in filing House Bill 533 last month, which prohibits abortion except in cases that would result in a mother’s death or “impairment of a major bodily function.” 

NEWS 4/26/23 11:48pm

Former Vice President Mike Pence visits University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Former Vice President Mike Pence spoke Wednesday at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill as protests occurred outside the student union before the event. The event was titled, “Saving America From the Woke Left” and was organized by the Young America’s Foundation. The former vice president touted his Christian faith throughout the speech and his support for bans on abortion. Last month, North Carolina House bill 533, known as the Human Life Protection Act of 2023 was introduced by the North Carolina General Assembly which would restrict abortions except when the life of the mother is in danger. 

NEWS 4/26/23 10:58am

Elon University earns voter friendly campus distinction

For the second year in a row, Elon was designated a voter friendly campus in a project started in partnership with Fair Election’s Center’s Campus Vote Project and Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education. Elon was one of 14 North Carolina schools given this designation and one of 258 schools nationwide.Elon Votes announced this designation April 16 and Co-lead Voting Ambassador Ruby Radis said this designation was earned in part due to the work her organization put into making voting easier for students. 

NEWS 4/24/23 11:42pm

Town of Elon’s fire district tax rate changed at council meeting

During the April 24 Elon Town Council meeting, the council voted to change the tax rate for the fire district. Discussions continued from the previous meeting on the funding for the fire department, specifically in regard to implementing a revenue-neutral tax rate. The council discussed the fire department needing more resources and firefighters. 

NEWS 4/22/23 7:46pm

Republican Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson announces 2024 gubernatorial bid

Republican Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson announced his bid in the 2024 race for North Carolina governor April 22 in Alamance County. Robinson is the first Black lieutenant governor in North Carolina, serving since 2021, and hopes to be North Carolina’s first Black governor. He is the second Republican to declare his gubernatorial bid in North Carolina, behind State Treasurer Dale Fowell. Robinson brought up issues of the economy and supporting working class families and protecting teachers. Robinson said he is running to represent average North Carolinians as he understands the struggles working class families face. 

NEWS 4/20/23 7:45am

Elon University Indigenous students strive for land acknowledgements

According to Paula Patch, NASA’s adviser and professor of English, the organization has about 13 people on its roster, but only four to five members are active. Patch said she feels the organization is an important space to have on campus, even with low attendance. NASA mainly functions as an internal group to talk about problems people have noticed and then to advocate for the change they want to see. Part of this is to increase land acknowledgements on campus events.

NEWS 4/4/23 10:02pm

Elon Town Council approves Link Transit expansion

Elon Town Council voted to begin operating Link Transit within the town of Elon on May 22. The town will spend $3,152 this fiscal year to operate the free-to-ride public bus service and set aside $28,347 for next fiscal year. This is a pilot program, and Mayor Emily Sharpe said after seeing how many people in the town use the program, the council will assess if they want to continue the service.