NEWS 9/28/20 9:55am

Expandiendo la communidad Latinx de Elon con El Centro

Si bien el Centro siempre ha sido un espacio que ha abogado por la educación de la cultura latina/hispana, siguiendo la recomendación del informe del Grupo de Trabajo Latino / Hispano del 2018, el Centro decidió cambiar su enfoque. Comenzaron a trabajar para crear un centro centrado en recursos para estudiantes que se identifican como latinos o hispanos.

NEWS 9/28/20 9:55am

Expanding Elon's Latinx community with El Centro

While El Centro has always been a space that championed Latinx and Hispanic culture education, after a 2018 Latinx/Hispanic Working Group report recommendation, the center decided to shift their focus. They began working to create a resource-focused center for students who identify as Latinx or Hispanic.

NEWS 9/26/20 4:13pm

Deep breaths: Air ventilation on campus upgraded

Physical Plant assessed each building’s unique heating, ventilation and air conditioning system over the summer, maximizing airflow while maintaining 40% to 60% humidity in each building, according to Flood. This level of humidity is ideal for limiting the spread of respiratory viruses, according to a recent study in the Annual Review of Virology.

NEWS 9/26/20 2:20pm

Elon students concerned about safety following pro-Trump convoy

It’s been one week since the convoy drove through campus, and many Elon University students are still feeling unsafe and are unhappy with Elon’s response. Many students feel that the university has not done enough to protect minoritized students and are upset with the response from Elon President Connie Book.

NEWS 9/25/20 3:47pm

Dining moves to grab-and-go only

Starting at 5 p.m. on Sept. 25, all on-campus Elon University dining will be grab-and-go through Sept. 30, according to an email for the Chair of the Ready & Resilient Committee Jeff Stein.

NEWS 9/22/20 11:31am

SEIU files charges against Elon University on behalf of former adjuncts

Service Employees International Union Workers United Southern Region filed charges against Elon University on the behalf of two former Elon adjunct faculty members, Robin Gary and Catherine Bush. The two charges, which both allege Elon University violated the National Labor Relations Act by allegedly retaliating against Bush and Gary for engaging in union activity, were filed Sept. 21, according to a National Labor Relations Board Spokesman.

NEWS 9/22/20 11:11am

NCDHHS launches contact tracing app SlowCOVIDNC

The North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services launched a statewide contact tracing app today. The app, called SlowCOVIDNC, is intended to mitigate the spread of the virus through anonymous notification of exposure to positive cases. SlowCOVIDNC is voluntary to download, but will enhance current contact tracing efforts in the state, according to a NCDHHS press release earlier this month. 

NEWS 9/21/20 1:42pm

Some Elon faculty members dissent on motion regarding Louis DeJoy

Before faculty members voted on the motion asking Postmaster General and Elon University Board of Trustees member Louis DeJoy to commit to improving the service provided by the United States Postal Service and absolve his personal conflict of interests or step down as trustee to the university, professor of biology Dave Gammon gave a speech against the motion.To Gammon, the situation with DeJoy is multifaceted, and he said the proposal was a “very one-sided view” of a complex issue.

NEWS 9/21/20 9:10am

Disparity in diversity of ABSS teachers to students

The Alamance-Burlington School System covers the city of Burlington and surrounding areas in Alamance County. The district is set to release employee demographics for the 2020-2021 school year in October. While ABSS is working to increase diversity amongst its teachers, according to Public Information Officer Jenny Faulkner, the district has historically employed a vast majority of white teachers.

SPORTS 9/19/20 6:48pm

2 athletes respond to athletics suspension

In Vice President for Student Life Jon Dooley’s email informing the student body that Elon University would be rising to Level 2, Dooley said that there was an outbreak of the coronavirus among student-athletes. Dooley went further to pinpoint the sports with clusters: football, lacrosse and baseball. The wording of his emails, to two athletes, gives athletics the brunt of the blame for going to level two, something they say is unfair. 


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