NEWS 3/1/22 11:06pm

Elon community reflects over Russia’s war on Ukraine

English professor Jennifer Eidum changed her entire class agenda on Thursday, Feb. 24 — a historic day for the world. Russia invaded Ukraine by land, air and sea, resulting in the biggest attack by one European country against another since World War II. Eidum’s language and dialect class would go from discussing language to discussing the war.  

NEWS 3/1/22 10:15pm

Authors give their opinions about war in Ukraine during panel discussion

Samuel Greene and Graeme Robertson, co-authors of “Putin v. The People: The Perilous Politics of a Divided Russia,” said the rest of the world’s opinions surrounding the Russian invasion of Ukraine will reach the Russian people, despite Putin closely controlling the state’s media. The pair spoke to Elon University students on Monday, Feb. 28, just a few days following the Russian invasion into Ukraine. 

NEWS 3/1/22 10:09pm

Elon University community prepares for mask mandate changes

While this new change may be in the favor of some at the university, not everyone is for the change. Psychology professor Katie King said she is against Elon University lifting the indoor mask requirement and would like the masks to stay, even though Alamance and Guilford counties have lifted the mask mandate. 

NEWS 2/23/22 11:23pm

Black Alamance to host first awards ceremony

The Black Alamance County Awards mission is to celebrate Black owned and operated businesses, serving as a marketing and recognition platform for individuals. The awards give the community a voice in identifying and promoting businesses they most support. 

NEWS 2/21/22 1:06pm

CHEAT SHEET: The ongoing Russia-Ukraine crisis

Jason Kirk provided historical context on this ongoing situation and is an expert in international relations and politics relating to India and is a professor of political science and policy studies at Elon University. Kirk discusses the current conflict between Russia and Ukraine. 


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