NEWS 4/24/18 5:53pm

New hiking trail provides close outdoor opportunities for Elon students

Just a 10 minute drive from Elon, there’s a new trail for hikers, birdwatchers and those who just enjoy the outdoors.  The trail, named “The Breakaway Trail,” begins at the Guilford County Farm and stretches 2.2 miles across farmland, grape vineyards, woods and a creek before ending at a pond. It will celebrate its grand opening Friday, April 27.

NEWS 1/18/19 9:39pm

Alamance County represented at annual March for Life

WASHINGTON — Being pro-life had always been a part of who she was, but for Kimberly Wood, standing against abortion took a whole new meaning when her daughter lost her child 16 weeks into her pregnancy. This loss is what made every step Wood took during this year's March for Life matter.

NEWS 1/17/19 10:00am

Making a move forward

The drive home from her son’s 21st birthday dinner changed Nita Skillman’s life. Her car was hit by a drunk driver. Skillman has struggled to walk ever since. Since her accident in 2015, Skillman has struggled performing basic tasks with her lack of mobility, but a class project might be changing that. 

NEWS 1/15/19 7:18pm

Town of Elon passes ordinance restricting smoking in public areas

Smoking, vaping or carrying a lighted tobacco product will now be prohibited in all public areas of the town of Elon, according to the town's updated Code of Ordinances. This includes public sidewalks in the town of Elon and downtown Elon. A violation of this ordinance will result in a verbal warning or a $50 fine. 

NEWS 1/11/19 3:00pm

Steven House to step down as provost

Provost Steven House will be concluding his time as Elon University's provost by the end of this calendar year. He will remain as provost until his role is filled and will then continue to provide leadership as executive vice president through the 2020-2021 academic year. 

NEWS 1/4/19 4:01pm

Elon Dining employee dies of heart attack

Brightening everybody's day is what co-workers will remember most about Elon Dining employee Sharon Paylor, who died Wednesday, Jan. 2, after suffering a heart attack on her way to work at Fountain Market on the first floor of Clohan Hall.

NEWS 12/21/18 12:51pm

Former employee files for an appeal following court loss to Elon

Former custodian Teofilo Matias has filed for an appeal following his civil court case loss to Elon University on Nov. 26. According to the original lawsuit filed in May 2017, Matias was employed by Elon for 17 years as a custodian before being fired in February 2016 following a sexual harassment investigation.