LIFESTYLE 8/14/20 10:09am

Freshman class copes with unique first-year experience

With an enrollment number of 1602 students, the class of 2024 is the third-largest class to have entered Elon University. Compared to last year, there are 57 fewer students on campus for fall semester. Greg Zaiser, the vice president of enrollment, said he found that notable considering the COVID-19 pandemic.

LIFESTYLE 8/13/20 1:56pm

What you need to know about Elon University move-in for fall 2020

Freshmen students moving into their college dorm room at Elon University are going to have to go through a different move-in process than past years due to the coronavirus pandemic. Citing coronavirus concerns, the university pushed up freshmen move-in and lengthened the time in which students can first come onto campus to help practice social distancing.


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