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LIFESTYLE 4/16/23 4:08pm

Elon Muses hosts first concert

Upon walking into Yeager Recital Hall, not a single person sat still in their seats. The crowd filled with friends and family of the performers as Elon Muses hosted its spring concert April15. The performance included a series of songs from Hamilton, Hercules, Taylor Swift, Adele and more. Each song was accompanied with choreography, a cappella, acting and featured soloists. 

LIFESTYLE 2/16/23 10:00pm

Burlington’s Paramount Theater presents screening of “Racist Roots: The Film”

Burlington’s Paramount Theater held a screening of “Racist Roots: The Film,” a film about North Carolina’s racist history with the death penalty Feb. 16. The film portrayed a series of stories from people who were advocates of ending the death penalty, who have been exonerated and who are currently on North Carolina’s death row. The 25 minute film was made by the Center for Death Penalty Litigation, a non-profit law firm that represents people on death row in North Carolina.

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