LIFESTYLE 10/4/19 12:00pm

ELON EATS: Smitty's

Walking down North Williamson Avenue on a humid afternoon, the sight of dogs yapping is accompanied by a neon green, pink and orange ice cream sign that draws eyes and business.

LIFESTYLE 10/3/19 11:07pm

Colonnades hosts a Burmese-style dinner

Terry Tomasek, faculty director of the Colonnades neighborhood, had the idea to host a Burmese-style dinner for the Colonnades neighborhood after reading the 2019 Common Reading, "Futureface." The book is being discussed in the freshmen Global Experience classes.

LIFESTYLE 9/29/19 8:00am

Ignacio Alonso is making waves

When he’s not out on the surf or in his Danieley Neighborhood flat, Ignacio Alonso is still learning how to navigate college life — just like the other 1,700 freshmen on campus this year.