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LIFESTYLE 10/26/23 11:15am

Elon University alumna wins ‘Best Student Short Award’ at Grand Rapids Film Festival

Elon University alumna Emily Prins ’23 produced a film titled, “Not without a Trace” during this past summer. The 14-minute film premiered at the Grand Rapids film festival in Michigan and captured the audience, leading her to win “Best student short" award. Prins' movie is an authentic retelling of the 1981 incident when 14-year-old Deanie Peters went missing. More than four decades later, the suburban community near Grand Rapids remains haunted by the lingering impact of her disappearance.

NEWS 9/28/23 1:46pm

Elon University joins Reuse Pass for to-go container program

Elon University has started off the 2023-24 school year with a new method of to-go containers, now offering a free app called ReusePass. The app allows students to check out the green to-go containers for up to three days, rather than the previous years where students could trade to-go boxes for carabiners. Last year, students and faculty were limited to borrowing one to-go container at a time. Now they have the option to borrow multiple to-go containers and retain them for a period of up to three days.

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