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President Book holds first fireside chat

3/26/18 10:44pm

Roughly 40 students and faculty gathered in the Great Hall of Global Commons to listen to President Connie Book speak and to ask her questions during a fireside chat March 26. 

The story behind the jumps and turns

3/14/18 12:03pm

The velvet red curtain opens to reveal an empty black stage. There’s complete silence. A few seconds pass and a light beams from above on to a single dancer draped in royal blue, with mysterious fog lingering in the background. Abby Corrigan lifts her head and stares into the audience. This is Echoes. 

Lambert nostalgic, optimistic after presidential announcement

10/13/17 11:40am

In the wake of the announcement of Elon's ninth president, Connie Ledoux Book, President Leo Lambert spoke at a town hall meeting on Thursday night sponsored by the Student Government Association. Lambert expressed his nostalgia that came with the announcement, as well as his sheer thrill for Book. 

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