‘When did you consider yourself an American?’

3/28/18 10:09pm

"They were naturalized citizens, green card holders and international students — all of whom are immigrants.On March 28, Immigrant Realities hosted a panel where five Elon University members — students, professors and alumni, discussed their experiences immigrating to the US."

President Book holds first fireside chat

3/26/18 10:44pm

Roughly 40 students and faculty gathered in the Great Hall of Global Commons to listen to President Connie Book speak and to ask her questions during a fireside chat March 26. 

Free food or free speech?

3/15/18 5:03pm

Elon students and staff had to make the decision of whether or not to sign away their First Amendment rights in exchange for a free meal on Wednesday. 

Catholicism at Elon continues to grow

3/13/18 8:19pm

According to the 2018 Spring Registrar’s Report, Keller is one of 1786 Catholic students on campus — making it the largest Christian denomination at Elon. Catholicism has been the largest religion denomination on campus since at least Spring 2007 — which is the oldest Registrar's Report on Elon's website. 

Grow vs. Green

3/9/18 3:16pm

The square footage of Elon’s campus has increased by 47.4 percent just from 2008 to 2017. And there are no signs of the growth, or energy consumption, slowing down.

Cashing in on phoenix cash

3/7/18 4:37pm

The specific contracts vary by business, but every year, there is an administrative fee of around $100 to $150 to use the phoenix card system. After that, Elon takes anywhere from 2% to 5% of sales.