Elon Volunteers aims to promote volunteerism year-round

1/15/18 7:00pm

Martin Luther King Jr. Day is the only holiday nationally recognized as a day of service. But at Elon University, Mary Morrison, director of the Kernodle Center for Service Learning and Community Engagement, strives to encourage students to serve year-round.

Rising grades, rising concerns?

1/10/18 11:00am

According to data collected by Rojstaczer, at Elon University, the average GPA in 1977 was 2.48. The most recent figure that Rojsctaczer acquired was 3.29 in 2013. Higher grades and GPAs do not automatically equal grade inflation, but if the current trend continues, Elon is projected to hit an average GPA of 4.0 by 2037.

Students gather to discuss problems in religion

1/5/18 12:27pm

Many different Christian organizations on campus joined together to sponsored the event Toxic Faith, an open discussion within the faith community about the role religion plays in people’s lives. Students from all across the religious spectrum were invited to join the conversation on battling what it means to have “toxic” faith. 

University delays, shortens classes Thursday

1/3/18 11:31pm

Elon University will open at 10:00AM Thursday according to an email from Vice President of Student Life Jon Dooley. The two hour delay is a result of "slick road conditions and low temperatures predicted overnight."   According to the email, those driving to campus are encouraged to use University Drive and Williamson Avenue. 

Social media manager Adam Constantine to leave Elon

12/23/17 12:14am

A familiar bearded face on Elon University's campus is stepping down at the beginning of next month.  Adam Constantine '10, social media manager for Elon University, announced he has accepted a job as a social media specialist for Movement Mortgage, a home mortgage bank in Charlotte. He has been the social media manager at Elon since 2015.

A Taxing Change for Higher Education

12/6/17 8:15am

Buried within a 429-page tax reform bill are provisions that specifically target those within the higher education community. In the bill titled H.R.1 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, the elimination of student loan interest deductibility, tax exempt bond financing and tax exempt tuition remission are three provisions with the most potential to affect lives at Elon University.

Elon reduces waste by growing its recycling initiative

12/6/17 7:44am

Elon University consistently promotes its environmentally conscious initiatives, such as geothermal heating, compost bins, the BioBus system and recycling.  As Elon has been growing as a school, it’s recycling program has been growing in response. David Worden, director of environmental services for Physical Plant, has worked with the recycling program for more than thirteen years. 

Local food bank asking for donations during the holiday season

12/6/17 7:35am

Allied Churches of Alamance County (ACAC) is the largest feeding program in the county, located less than 5 miles from Elon University’s campus. Their goal is to improve the community by helping residents find housing and secure meals.  Originally, ACAC began as a core group of churches pooling its resources to serve community better. But today, ACAC acts as its own nonprofit funded by more than 100 churches in the local community.