NEWS 11/20/13 11:42am

When college registration kicks you in the class

Laptops slamming closed in disgust, incessant complaining between friends, frantic emails to teachers and department heads and swear words ringing out across dorms are some of the side effects of class registration at Elon University.

NEWS 9/11/13 1:28pm

Teach for America the quick fix, not the solution

It’s no secret by now that changes are happening in the North Carolina education system. As part of a sweeping overhaul of public schools across the state, North Carolina teachers have seen their benefits slashed, numbers reduced and a whopping $500 million drained from the public education budget. In the last few months, 2,800 jobs have been cut from education, 850 of which were teaching positions.

NEWS 8/23/13 2:37pm

Your Elon guide: books, bricks and Biscuitville

Right now, rising freshmen across the nation are hearing the same college advice from every ex-alum to ever step foot in a dorm: Talk to your professors, get along with your roommate, plan your time well, et cetera. But you’re not just coming to college, you’re coming to Elon University.

NEWS 4/24/13 5:42pm

Anonymous Elon Twitter accounts: #stereotypical

Who doesn’t love a shout-out from @ElonGDIProblems addressing Jesus as “Everyone’s favorite GDI”? There are tons of anonymous Twitter accounts focused on Elon University’s campus culture, and, let’s face it, they’re witty and entertaining and we probably scroll a little slower when a tweet from @ElonConfessions appears on our feed. Last month, @Elon_Black_Prob tweeted, “Just because the professor mentioned diversity doesn’t mean you all stop writing typing and texting to look at the lone black person.” Two weeks ago, @TheElonGay tweeted, “Stop what you’re doing and go pet the cats/bunnies/puppies outside Moseley!

NEWS 4/11/13 8:30am

Check your facts before spreading the word

After news broke of a North Carolina resolution claiming the state can make its own laws regarding the establishment of religion — one that would question the federal government’s authority to decide what is constitutional — email inboxes overflowed with complaints, comment boards became saturated with concerned citizens and watercooler conversations were abuzz. At Elon University, many students were misled by the influx of media reports from credible media outlets and social media sources.

NEWS 2/9/13 1:46pm

Religious diversity needs student support to thrive

Elon University prides itself on more than academic excellence. In addition to the lessons we learn inside the elegant brick buildings, students are encouraged to become socially conscious, global citizens. Fostering religious tolerance is a crucial part of Elon’s pledge to promote diversity.