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NEWS 9/19/12 4:51am

Revamped SUB box office program reels in success

Outings to the movie theater don’t always fit into the average college student’s budget. But with its Movie Run program, Elon University’s Student Union Board has been helping to offset the cost of a night at Carousel Cinemas in Alamance Crossing since 2005. Previously, students could purchase $5 tickets from 5-6 p.m.

NEWS 8/27/12 5:25pm

Start your engines: Elon Car Club begins first official semester as active organization

Only seven miles from Elon University is Ace Speedway. Drive five miles further and reach the Piedmont Dragway. Venture 90 miles south, and you’ll find the famed Charlotte Motor Speedway. There’s no doubt, this is car country. Elon senior Michael Palombo and junior Taylor Davis fit right in, having founded the Elon Car Club last spring. “We met last year in a class, we had a philosophy class together and we discovered that we both love cars,” said Palombo, the club’s president.

NEWS 5/15/12 3:21pm

From acorn to oak: growing a tradition

Surprisingly, it started with a redwood tree. When Furman Moseley, Class of 1956, gave Elon University’s commencement address in 1991, he had no idea he was planting the seed of tradition at his alma mater. Moseley spoke about his career in the California timber business, offering each graduate a redwood sapling to solidify the metaphor for life, hard work and growth. “President (Fred) Young and the students loved it so much, he wanted to continue it,” said George Troxler, professor emeritus of history.

NEWS 5/11/12 6:32pm

Elon University honors theses digitized in Belk archives

It began with a request from Romania. There has been an increasing demand from outside the university for access to student research — including interest from other countries, according to Maureen Vandermaas-Peeler, professor of psychology and director of the honors program at Elon University, In response, Belk Library has digitized every honors thesis dating back to 2007 for use on the Internet.

NEWS 5/1/12 7:44pm

From class to farm: Students grow understanding of food production

The demand for food is expected to double by 2050, according to Jerry Dorsett, adjunct instructor of environmental studies at Elon University, and the need for sustainable agriculture is going to grow with it. In North Carolina, agriculture is the largest industry, accounting for $70 billion of the state's economy, according to Dorsett.

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