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Michael Wolff ‘24 is a journalism major at Elon University. Wolff serves as a reporter and videographer for Elon News Network. Wolff covers sports, politics, and local events. In addition, he is the social media chair of the Elon Chapter of Society of Professional Journalist. When he is not reporting, Wolff enjoys learning graphic design, watching documentaries and hiking.

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NEWS 2/5/24 9:32am

Elon student builds wheelchair-accessible ramp for Graham resident

The temporary ramp that had previously been attached to Graham resident’s Alvaro Torralba home was put out onto the curb as The Elon Ramp Pilot Project arrived on Saturday, Feb. 3 to install a new wheelchair-accessible ramp. Torralba said he became wheelchair-bound four years ago due to a spinal injury. Third-year Elon University physical therapy student Michelle Megurdichian has a background in medicine and was inspired to help Torralba. Her idea for creating the Elon Ramp Pilot Project is bigger than this one build, as Megurdichian said she aims to create an official organization.

LIFESTYLE 3/27/23 2:11pm

Elon Chabad, Panhellenic Association host second annual Mega Challah Bake

After a positive outcome last year, Elon Chabad and the Panhellenic Association partnered again to bring their second annual Mega Challah Bake. This year's rendition of the event featured speeches, a musical performance and bonding experiences. The event is being held in time for all attendees to enjoy the sacred bread before members of the Jewish faith celebrate the upcoming high holiday of Passover, during which the most religious of the Jewish population abstain from eating leavened or bread made with yeast for a whole week.  

NEWS 4/27/22 11:09pm

Elon University GLC hosts Spring Pride

The Elon University Gender and LGBTQIA Center held its annual Spring Pride event this afternoon on Medallion Plaza. The event was open to the Elon community, with the purpose of helping to educate the community on LGBTQIA identities. 

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