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LIFESTYLE 11/22/17 11:05am

Switching skates for books: Elon sophomore's Olympic dreams derailed by health concerns

As she trained for the Olympics, Elon University sophomore Whitney Miller sustained a concussion that changed the track of her athletic dreams forever. The concussion that shattered her hopes of qualifying for the 2014 Winter Olympics came after she fell head first on the ice. She was dropped by her partner in a fluke accident during a run-through for their program, and she suffered a traumatic brain injury.

NEWS 9/12/17 5:37pm

Gate deters drivers in Danieley Neighborhood

When students returned to campus, they found the Colonnades and Danieley residential neighborhoods divided by a gate. Located next to the Violet Hoffman Daniel Commons Building, this gate has been a roadblock for students driving to their classes. “I sat in front of it for a minute, but it did not open.

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