Elon University’s Carol Grotnes Belk Library often displays books that reflect current events. As Hispanic Heritage Month continues, the books on display highlight Hispanic and Latino authors.

Dean of Belk Library Joan Ruelle said the novels are not retold stories but are more personal and original accounts. She said the display has a variety of books that speak to all audiences.

The showing has a diverse selection of novels, from children's books to personal accounts of the Hispanic and Latino LGBTQIA+ communities. This variation has something that can resonate with unique aspects each person of any background can find comfort in. 

“In the library, we think about, ‘How do we create a space where everyone feels comfortable?’” Ruelle said. “How do we create opportunities for people to learn something outside of their own experience? So we just want to try to create, to make sure the library is contributing to a campus culture where everybody feels welcome and can thrive.”

Ruelle said the library’s goal is to have collections that represent everyone’s experiences on Elon’s campus. 

“We try to have a diversity of authors, a diversity of types of books so that everyone can find something and explore a perspective that’s new to them or have the opportunity to dive into an experience outside of their own past history,” Ruelle said. 

Elon freshman Chloe Pereyra, who identifies as Dominican, said she is excited about this arrangement. She said she appreciates seeing representation for the Hispanic and Latino communities on campus.  

“It just feels nice to be at a school where people actually like listening and paying attention,” Pereyra said. “I know they've held so many events kind of focusing on Hispanic heritage, which is really comforting. And it's nice to know people know … I exist here.”

Though she has not yet read any of the books on display, Pereyra said she was particularly drawn to one specific coming-of-age novel. 

“I definitely would go check them out, especially ‘I Am Not Your Perfect Mexican Daughter.’ That one seems pretty interesting!” Pereyra said. 

Written by Erika Sánchez, ‘I Am Not Your Perfect Mexican Daughter’ pieces together a story about a young Mexican girl who comes face-to-face with challenges about her family’s past. 

Those looking to check out any of the novels on display can visit Belk Library through Oct. 15.