All five residence halls in Global Neighborhood are now home to Elon University’s newest students — the class of 2027. 

Preparation for the freshman class came with lots of hard work, but is more than worth the effort. Elon 1010 peer educator and sophomore Avery Underwood greeted new students with a friendly wave as they arrived at the Global Neighborhood basketball courts, eager to unpack and get settled in.

Underwood said she is looking forward to seeing all the new students and helping guide them through their first day. She understands the process of moving in can be stressful, nonetheless she hopes a friendly smile is something that can help ease those nerves.

“I get to see all the new faces and see that they're excited,” said Underwood. “Some are a little nervous, but being able to just say ‘welcome,’ I hope it can take a little bit of the stress off of move-in day.”

Underwood said she understands the pressure of being a freshman, as she was in their shoes just last summer. She suggested that as freshmen move in, taking time and being patient is key. Underwood said it takes time to get acclimated. 

“Give yourself grace and patience your first few weeks and months. It takes time,” Underwood said. “It takes time to make your friends. But it all works out!”

One of Global A’s newest residents, Mandi Iannielli, said she is excited about starting her first semester at Elon. 

Iannielli said she is looking forward to getting into the groove of the new school year. Despite first-day jitters, she said she is eager to make new friends and be on campus.. 

“I am so excited… mostly about the people and the campus,” Iannielli said. “But I am a little nervous about being new.” 

Accompanying Iannielli on move-in day were her parents, Tim Iannielli and Robert le Vien. Both Tim and le Vien said they are excited and nervous about their daughter’s first day, but overall reassured knowing that Mandi is eager to begin

“I’m not as nervous,” le Vien said. “I think that we will give her her time and if she needs us she’ll call and if she doesn’t she won’t!” 

Both Iannielli and le Vien said they are hopeful and thrilled for…because they are fond of Elon and are happy their daughter is just as excited as they are.

“We love this school,” le Vien said. “We’re really excited to be here!”