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NEWS 10/26/12 10:40am

Seniors prepare for life after graduation with transitional courses

Elon University seniors and freshmen have one thing in common: classes designed to prepare students for the next chapter of their lives. Elon has long emphasized transitions in and out of collegiate life, according to Pam Brumbaugh, director of experiential education. Brumbaugh, who has maintained her role at Elon since 1987, said courses that assist students in adjusting — whether coming or leaving — have been around since she started working at the university.

NEWS 9/27/12 5:08pm

Post 9-11 documentary seeks to lessen stereotyping

In the wake of a tragic event, the dominant population often determines the face of the enemy. A documentary titled Divided we Fall: Americans in the Aftermath, which was screened at Elon University Monday, addresses how Americans identify those affiliated with terrorism and how such stereotypes perpetuate violence in the nation. After the 9/11 terrorist attacks, people in the United States began to associate turban-wearing Americans with religious extremism.

NEWS 9/21/12 5:29pm

‘Living on One’ highlights hardships of poverty

Inside the brightly painted old school bus that rolled onto Elon University’s campus Sept. 17, there was a four-person team ready to deliver their documentary, “Living on One.” Elon is the first stop in a screening tour of twenty other schools across the United States. To better understand the reality of stark poverty, Chris Temple and Zach Ingrasci, students from Claremont McKenna College, led a team to the rural Guatemalan village of Pena Blanca in 2010. “We were economics majors and had heard of these issues but decided to experience it firsthand,” Temple said. Temple and Ingrasci enlisted the help of their friends, Sean Leonard and Ryan Christoffersen, in the project.

NEWS 9/11/12 11:53am

Students, faculty adjust to Moodle’s new features

This year’s course management system—the tool used by professors and students for classwork and announcements—has changed from Blackboard to Moodle. Faculty members began familiarizing themselves with the new platform as early as fall 2011. “Overall, the experience has been positive,” said Chris Fulkerson, assistant vice president for technology.

NEWS 8/31/12 11:46am

Construction provokes changes to dining schedule, facilities

As a result of the demolition of Harden Dining Hall, formerly located in North Area, some changes have been made to accommodate students’ dining needs during the fall semester. A new dining hall, Lakeside, is currently under construction. Lakeside Dining Hall will be attached to Moseley Center adjacent to Lake Mary Nell.

NEWS 5/7/12 9:10pm

Burlington's Relay for Life looks for increased awareness from Elon students

In 1985, a Tacoma colorectal surgeon ran all day and night to raise money to fight cancer. The run spawned the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life. Currently, there are relays across the United States, all with the goal to procure funds for cancer treatment and research. This year’s local relay will be held at the Burlington City Recreation and Park May 18.

NEWS 3/6/12 5:56pm

Bringing the farm home: Agricultural campaign produces local partnership

Local farmers have a hand in Dining Services. Elon University adopted the 10 Percent Campaign, a state-wide initiative establishes trade agreements between local farmers and businesses. Businesses involved in the program pledge to purchase a minimum of 10 percent of all food locally, which largely determines from where and from whom the university purchases produce. Fresh produce is an important aspect of Elon Dining Service’s involvement in the 10 Percent movement, according to Kate Nelson, marketing manager for Elon Dining Services. “You not only get a closer relationship with those growing your food, but you get to know about how that food is produced and the values that the farmer lives by,” said Michelle Ferrier, associate professor of communications and the creator of, a site devoted to sharing and promoting local food experiences. The relationships between local farmers and the university produce environmental benefits as well, according to Ferrier.

NEWS 3/6/12 4:04pm

Distinguished visiting professor champions passion as life’s guide

Judith Jamison, dancer and choreographer, addressed a fully-seated auditorium with an informal speaking style, advising the primarily student-based audience to live passionately. Passion has been her guideline to success as a leader, she said. “The people that make a difference are not always visionaries, but people that passionately and vehemently believe in what they are doing,” Jamison said. Too often people are fixed on goals they are not truly passionate about, she said. “I know it looks good on paper, but how does it really feel?” she asked.

NEWS 2/28/12 8:14pm

Guest speaker shares journey to self-acceptance

Roger Sneed described himself as a very angry undergraduate. “I kept encountering these sometimes catastrophic collisions with race and religion and sexuality,” he said in regards to multiple life experiences, especially those during his years in college. Sneed, who teaches religion at Furman University, spoke in Belk Library Feb.

NEWS 2/27/12 12:14pm

Exploring an Organization

One of my stories of this week led me to attend my first SPECTRUM event. SPECTRUM, Elon's gay-straight alliance, is one of those clubs I overzealously subscribed to in the midst of the sensory overload of my first Elon organizational fair.

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