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NEWS 11/7/15 1:21pm

Underground concert scene, uncovered

Frat parties aren’t for everyone, but music is universal. Throughout North Carolina, cool concert venues are tucked away in the mountains, and some only require a 30-minute drive. If you’re looking to step outside the bubble and are in the need of a concert fix, here’s a guide to the hippest venues around.

NEWS 9/12/15 10:07am

Yoga studio celebrates 1 year in Elon

As one of the few yoga, Pilates and barre studios within walking distance from campus, Zenitry Yoga Studio is hoping its first anni- versary as an Elon business will bring fresh faces, yoga lovers and fitness enthusiasts to the Zen space. Zenitry opened its doors more than three years ago in Burlington.

NEWS 7/26/15 11:27pm

Week in review: 7/20- 7/26

All the news you need to know from last week: J.K. Rowling released the tuition cost for Hogwarts: If you’re a Hermione Granger wannabe, you’re in luck: J.K. replied to a fan’s asking if attendance to Hogwarts is free.

NEWS 5/13/13 12:00am

What we're watching this summer

As the summer months approach, the list of movie releases continues to expand. Each summer comes with new blockbusters, hilarious comedies and the ever-so-popular action flick.

NEWS 3/21/13 8:14am

The best books for break

Whether you are jet setting to a tropical destination or spending your week relaxing in the comfort of your home, taking a break to enjoy an excellent book is necessary after a taxing start to the semester.  The following books will fulfill your every need and allow you to come to back to campus relaxed and focused. If you are… An adventure seeker: Jack Kerouac’s famed novel, On the Road, takes you on an intrepid journey through picturesque America in the 1950’s.

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