NEWS 4/20/21 11:26am

Asian business, residents grapple with pandemic discrimination

The coronavirus pandemic has drastically changed the way many local businesses operate. In a study conducted by Business Wire in October 2020, 43% of small to mid-sized businesses in the United States reported significant or severe impact since the beginning of the virus, resulting in layoffs and closures. For Asian businesses, the economic hardships of the pandemic has an added layer.

NEWS 4/19/21 11:37am

Elon University sees increase in applicants, admissions, despite pandemic

The pandemic-altered years of 2020 and 2021 have amplified the difficulty of the college application process. This year’s class of high school seniors will be making decisions on where to continue their education with COVID-19 regulations augmenting their campus visits, and the deadline of May 1 to commit to most schools is fast approaching.

LIFESTYLE 4/16/21 2:33pm

Some Elon businesses hope to see a better future in 2021

Downtown Elon’s businesses, stretching from Pandora’s Pies in the northeast to MaGerk’s Pub and Grill in the southwest, are watching closely as COVID-19 vaccines are administered around North Carolina and the weather heats up. The owners of the assortment of shops in downtown Elon are hoping the events of the next few months, including graduation, will increase sales.

NEWS 4/14/21 4:20pm

Interaction guide for vaccinated students

All Elon University students are now eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine in North Carolina, but the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention advises individuals who receive the vaccine to still follow many of the same guidelines they followed prior to getting their vaccine. 

NEWS 4/14/21 11:55am

Geese police organization works to relocate Elon fowl

Elon has a goose problem. It’s not that the fowl act overly foul, but take a gander around the university and you’ll see — and possibly smell and step in — their presence at the various campus lakes. Enter the Geese Police, an organization that began working on campus two months ago to remove the geese who have taken up residence at both Lake Mary Nell and Lake Verona. 

NEWS 4/13/21 11:53pm

Alderwoman earns 2020 Main Street Champion Award

For her efforts in launching the Frontline Fund, an effort that raised over $5,000 to buy food from downtown restaurants and serve meals to frontline workers, Alderwoman Emily Sharpe earned a 2020 Main Street Champion award from North Carolina Main Street. 

NEWS 4/9/21 4:52pm

Environmental science class pairs with Haw River Project

With the ongoing climate change crisis and pollution of the Earth, Kelsey Bitting, assistant professor of environmental studies wants her students to be part of the solution. As a part of her ENS 111, Introduction to Environmental Science class, Bitting is pairing up with The Clean Haw River Project to engage students by creating visual presentations — such as greeting graphics, articles and research presentations — that will immediately go toward helping The Clean Haw River Project’s cause. 

NEWS 4/8/21 7:02pm

Academic Advising apologizes after disclosing some students’ federally protected information

The office of Academic Advising has apologized for disclosing federally protected student information. The office sent an email to students considered “at risk” during midterm evaluations, failing to blind copy recipients in a mass email. This incident violates the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act or FERPA, which prohibits the disclosure of personal educational records.

NEWS 4/7/21 1:54pm

North Carolina NAACP files lawsuit to remove Confederate monument in Graham

Alamance County is up against a lawsuit over the Confederate soldier’s monument in Graham. The North Carolina NAACP and other advocacy groups filed the lawsuit in Alamance County Superior Court Tuesday, March 30 to have the monument removed.The state and local NAACP, Engage Alamance, Down Home North Carolina and five residents of Alamance County have filed the lawsuit against the County Commissioners to remove the Confederate monument. 

SPORTS 4/6/21 3:23pm

Women coaches underrepresented at Elon, Division I sports

In the last 50 years, the number of female athletes in college sports dramatically increased. However, women coaches are now more underrepresented in women’s college sports. Currently at Elon, approximately 26% of non-volunteer coaches are women 一 double counting for coaches who are on staff with multiple teams. Female collegiate coaches have not always been underrepresented in women’s sports. The trend started when Title IX 一 a law, which prohibits federally funded institutions from discriminating on the basis of sex 一 was enacted in 1972 and greatly increased representation of female athletes.

NEWS 4/5/21 10:47am

SGA executive president hopes to tackle initiatives on behalf of student body

Jack Corby, the newly sworn-in executive president of the Student Government Association, plans to tackle initiatives on communication, diversity and connecting the campus community that he promised in his campaign. During his term, Corby said some of his main priorities are centered around advancing diversity, equity and inclusion and overcoming the disconnect students have felt in regard to the university’s response to the coronavirus pandemic. 

NEWS 3/31/21 9:57am

Q&A with Joseph LeMire, Elon University’s new chief of campus security and police

Joseph LeMire began his new role as Elon University’s new chief of campus safety and police on March 29. LeMire entered the field 28 years ago after he was inspired in high school by his uncle, who worked for the Chicago Police Department. Elon News Network spoke with LeMire about his plans for his first days on campus, his thoughts on the mutual aid agreement and how he will connect with the Elon community.

LIFESTYLE 3/29/21 12:52pm

A year into pandemic, professor mental health suffers

Professor of psychology CJ Fleming — who specializes in clinical psychology and mental health — said she has noticed two main things when considering professors’ mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic: fatigue and capacity for working memory. She said fatigue is probably what has affected her most, since she has had to reformat many of her consistently taught classes to fit an online or hybrid format.


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