NEWS 8/18/22 11:07am

Colonnades Neighborhood, Danieley Center welcome Elon University class of 2026

With Clohan dining hall and the Fountain Market as its nearest dining options, the Colonnades Neighborhood values sustainability. It is also home to the Koury Business Center. The Danieley Center neighborhood may seem far from the heart of campus, but that doesn’t count it out. Danieley can be found past the Colonnades Neighborhood, and it is made up of apartment and flat style residence halls.

NEWS 8/18/22 11:07am

Elon University freshmen move-in at East Neighborhood

Built in 2018, East Neighborhood is Elon’s newest student neighborhood. With three residence halls, the neighborhood is the host of four LLCs: PAIDEIA, service, honors pavilion and the Elon College fellows. Like Historic, East is made up mostly of freshmen students. East is located just past the Academic Village, next to the Jimmy Powell Tennis Center. 

NEWS 8/18/22 11:07am

Class of 2026 arrives in Elon University's Historic Neighborhood

At the core of Elon’s original campus, Historic Neighborhood connects the university with its beginnings. The neighborhood has six residence halls, mostly filled with freshmen. It is located near Academic Village and The McEwen School of Communications, as well as Downtown Elon. Neighborhood amenities include the McEwen Dining Hall and LaRose Commons. There are three Living Learning Communities: communications, sports management and outdoor learning. The neighborhood’s theme is Elon traditions and history. 

NEWS 8/18/22 11:05am

Elon University class of 2026 arrives in Global Neighborhood

Adjacent to Lake Mary Nell and the Loy Center is the Global Neighborhood. This neighborhood is full of LLCs — ASHES, African diaspora, creative arts, international, performing arts and polyglot — all located within its five residence halls. These buildings surround Global Commons, a beloved study spot and classroom space on campus. Global also neighbors Lakeside Dining Hall, where a different culture’s cuisine is served each week. The neighborhood is made up of primarily freshmen and sophomores. 

NEWS 8/17/22 3:24pm

Elon University launches HealthEU

Elon University launched HealthEU, an initiative that is part of the Boldly Elon Strategic Plan for 2030. Under Theme 2, Thrive, this campaign focuses on wellness in six areas — community, emotional, financial, physical, purpose and social. 

NEWS 8/16/22 10:40pm

Black Lumen Project reflects on first full year

Buffie Longmire-Avital presented the Black Lumen Project’s main accomplishments from its first year on Aug. 16 as a part of planning week. This presentation was for other Elon faculty and staff members, letting them know where to find resources to learn about Black history within Elon and how to create sustainable change. 

NEWS 8/15/22 6:31pm

Elon University creates webpage for monkeypox response

The Elon University Infectious Disease Response Team created a webpage about the university’s response to monkeypox, according to an email from Dean of Students Jana Lynn Patterson. The webpage offers answers to frequently asked questions about how monkeypox could affect Elon’s campus.

NEWS 8/15/22 1:38pm

President’s Address brings sense of hopefulness for Elon University’s academic year

Elon University President Connie Book’s is beginning this academic year with a sense of hopefulness. This morning, she delivered the President’s Address, which officially marks the beginning of the academic year. Book first spoke about meeting with Elon students leaders and preparing for the upcoming year, and she said they all found that building relationships and community was the number one factor for student success.