NEWS 9/12/22 8:43am

Get to know the overnight Elon University staff

It’s 3 a.m. inside Belk Library. Because the building is open all night during weekdays, all the lights remain on. From the first floor, it’s impossible to hear Tammy Wilson, Belk’s overnight janitor, wiping office windows and emptying trash cans on the second and third floors. Even for a library, the silence is overwhelming. 

NEWS 9/8/22 3:12am

Elon faculty express concerns over note taker changes

While Baris Kesgin, political science and policy studies professor, understands the necessity of accessible class notes for students who need accommodations, he is concerned about the effectiveness of Disabilities Resources' new pilot program, Glean, a service that records and transcribes lectures, eliminating the need for volunteer note takers in classrooms that utilize Glean. 

NEWS 9/7/22 4:11pm

Faucette House on East Trollinger Avenue sold

The 100-year-old building sits across the tracks next to the post office—it looks like a house, but it functions as an office building. It’s called the Faucette House, and it has been sold. The four tenants who run businesses inside the house have to move out by the beginning of October. 

NEWS 9/6/22 6:13pm

How to avoid student loan relief scams

Since President Joe Biden announced his plan to provide $10,000 in debt cancellation for millions of Americans and up to $10,000 more for people with great financial need, there have been spam calls targeting people with student loans. Elon University’s Director of Information Security Gary Sheehan explained how to avoid scams, what to do if you receive a scam and ways to report these scams. 

NEWS 9/3/22 3:05pm

New proposed changes to Title IX adds protection

Title IX serves to protect against gender discrimination in any program that receives federal funding, including schools. It was established in 1972, and a person’s right to have an abortion was established in 1973 in the ruling of the Supreme Court case Roe v. Wade. 

NEWS 9/1/22 7:00am

The buzz about Fizz at Elon University

The app was created in 2020 by Teddy Solomon and Ashton Cofer. The two were incoming freshmen at Stanford University but due to COVID were not allowed to come on campus and felt disconnected from the university’s community. Their solution to this disconnect was to create a centralized platform for other students to connect with each other. Fizz currently has branches at 13 other universities.

NEWS 8/30/22 7:24pm

Seniors kick off 2022-23 academic year, reflect on Elon experience

During Elon University’s Senior Kickoff celebration, Book encouraged students to enjoy their final year, to remember to give back and to reflect on their time at Elon. University President Connie Book said seeing seniors grow throughout their time at Elon is her favorite part of working in higher education. 

NEWS 8/30/22 6:51pm

Elon University reports uptick in COVID-19 cases

Elon University reported 189 cases in the week ending Aug. 29, up from 23 the week before. An email from Vice President for Student Life Jon Dooley Aug. 29 informed students of the uptick in cases. University physician Dr. Ginette Archinal said the increase doesn’t surprise her.