NEWS 5/20/21 11:15pm

Graham protests highlight two different histories

GRAHAM, NC — Exactly 160 years after North Carolina seceded from the Union, a group of pro-Confederacy demonstrators gathered in front of the Alamance County Courthouse waving Confederate flags and listening to a speech by activist H.K. Edgerton. Across the street, a group of counter-protesters waved signs and chanted in favor of the Black Lives Matter movement.

NEWS 5/18/21 1:27pm

Explaining impostor syndrome

Impostor syndrome, or the impostor phenomenon, was first introduced by clinical psychologists Pauline Rose Clance and Suzanne Imes, who originally researched the concept in high achieving women in the 1970s. 

NEWS 5/16/21 12:33pm

Meet the Lumen Scholars

Each year, Elon University selects a cohort of 15 rising juniors as recipients of the Numen Lumen prize, the university’s top undergraduate research award. The $20,000 grant is awarded to aid students in their undergraduate research projects. 

NEWS 5/7/21 8:32am

A Taxing Divide

While most municipalities fund their operations with a healthy mixture of sales taxes and property taxes, college towns such as the town of Elon often must rely much more heavily on sales tax revenue since their largest property owner — the university — is tax exempt.

NEWS 5/6/21 9:03am

SGA Acorn Fund supports student business on campus

This year, the Acorn Fund awarded nine student-run businesses a total of $9,000. The fund received 14 applications from students in the Martha & Spencer Love School of Business, the College of Arts and Sciences and the School of Communications. 

NEWS 5/5/21 2:16pm

‘Unlearn’ grapples with racism in Alamance County

In the wake of George Floyd’s murder by a white police officer last May, Toni Autry used her social media platforms to create the film “Unlearn: The Consequences of Racism.” In partnership with co-director Martin Buchanan and producer Alex Klein, the film aims to capture the fight for racial justice in Alamance County through interviews with county residents and activists.


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