NEWS 4/28/22 11:38am

Ukrainians in the Carolinas group emphasizes education

Every day, Walter Ostrowka checks the news for the latest updates from Ukraine. The Ukrainian North Carolina resident has watched his family’s country be attacked by Russia for over two months. But while Ostrowka is concerned about those facing daily attacks, shellings and deaths in Ukraine, he is also concerned about how Americans view the war and other international issues. 

NEWS 4/27/22 11:09pm

Elon University GLC hosts Spring Pride

The Elon University Gender and LGBTQIA Center held its annual Spring Pride event this afternoon on Medallion Plaza. The event was open to the Elon community, with the purpose of helping to educate the community on LGBTQIA identities. 

NEWS 4/27/22 12:11pm

Elon University students host benefit concert in honor of Ukraine

Over 50 Elon University students will come together on April 28 to showcase their talents, skills and other gifts for a special talent show — “Elon Elite.” From live singing and band performances to fire throwing, this talent will showcase students’ special skills. But it’s also about raising money for those in need. 

NEWS 4/26/22 3:10pm

"Elon" trending on Twitter

The transaction, unanimously approved by the Twitter Board of Directors, is expected to close this year, subject to the approval of Twitter stockholders. Once finalized, the social platform will become a privately held company.

NEWS 4/25/22 11:18am

Understanding eating disorders in college settings

Professor of psychology Ilyssa Salomon discusses her research on the prevalence of eating disorders and the proposed reason behind them. Salomon’s expertise is developmental psychology, adolescence, social media use, body image and sexual harassment.

NEWS 4/22/22 12:29pm

Elon University community turns to TikTok

Like many others around the world, freshman Cece Guyader has watched the war unfold through their phone screen since Russia began its invasion of Ukraine on Feb. 24. Countries with open access to social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube are able to receive instant news updates about nations overseas. Now, TikTok is changing the content and context of social media — especially on how people view Russia’s war on Ukraine. 

NEWS 4/20/22 11:03am

Prices across Elon University's campus, downtown increase due to inflation

The increase in prices is a result of the high inflation rate for the U.S., which is 8.5% in 2022 — the highest since December 1981 according to the U.S. Department of Labor. The most recent Consumer Price Index Summary from the department also reported that inflation rates have hit record 40-year highs for the fifth consecutive month. Consumer prices rose 8.5% in the last year, and take out food has even risen 6.9% in the last year.  


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