NEWS 10/7/21 4:42pm

Creating the seventh sand mandala

Buddhist monk Geshe Sangpo made his return to Elon University for the seventh year to create a mandala for the community. Last year, Sangpo was unable to visit campus due to the pandemic. 

NEWS 10/6/21 4:37pm

Q&A with University Police Chief Joe LeMire

Elon University Police Chief Joe LeMire began his role on campus in March 2021, after a lengthy recruitment process that started in 2020. LeMire sat down with Elon News Network to discuss the 2020 Fire and Safety Report and safety measures on campus.

NEWS 10/4/21 3:33pm

Elon University kicks off Sustainability week

Elon University's annual fall campus Sustainability Week, held every October, begins today and features events hosted Monday through Friday across campus to celebrate the university's current practices and examine sustainable habits, specifically as the habits relate to energy use.   

NEWS 10/4/21 8:13am

Anonymity calamity

In light of controversial posts on the anonymous social media app, there are concerns on how it is affecting student mental health. Social media experts, students and psychologists comment on how they think Yik Yak is affecting campus. 

NEWS 10/1/21 3:37pm

Elon University’s $695 million economic impact

Elon University’s economic impact study found that the university generates $695 million in annual economic impact. According to a press release from the university, Elon has sustained more than 7,400 jobs while producing $34.6 million in tax revenue in the state of North Carolina. 

NEWS 9/30/21 12:06am

SexEU begins at Elon University

SexEU is a new organization at Elon with the goal of creating comprehensive sex education with a focus on marginalized identities, specifically including Black, Latinx, and LGBTQIA+ individuals. 


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