NEWS 9/19/23 12:03pm

Elon University expands academic opportunities at Charlotte Regional Center

Elon University officially announced a greater presence in Charlotte through the Charlotte Regional Center. The university held an opening ceremony Sept. 19, where university representatives made various announcements for the future of Elon in Charlotte, including the Elon Law FLEX program, a summer finance program and new events to be held at the center. The Charlotte Regional Center is located at 330 W. Tremont Ave. in South End, which is an expanding Charlotte neighborhood.

NEWS 9/19/23 1:09am

Alamance County board of commissioners highlight needed repairs for ABSS facilities

The Alamance County board of commissioners voted unanimously to hire engineers and assess heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems within both the Alamance-Burlington schools and Alamance County facilities. In the wake of the discovery of mold within roughly 30 ABSS schools and facilities in August and September, Builder Services Inc. of North Carolina was hired to conduct remediation services. Ben Bass, the executive vice president of Builder Services, warned the board that roof leaks inside ABSS facilities will lead to a resurgence of mold unless the district takes immediate action.

NEWS 9/18/23 4:52pm

ABSS receives bomb threat, Sheriff Office gives all-clear

Alamance Burlington School System received threats by email stating the existence of “multiple explosives” in a “district school” this morning, according to a press release by the Alamance County Sheriff's Office. Les Atkins, public information officer at ABSS, said other North Carolina districts, like Alleghany County, received similar emails. Atkins said ABSS believes this email was a “swatting email” — meant to falsely report a situation in order to provoke an emergency response. Atkins also said instructional hours were not severely interrupted.

NEWS 9/18/23 2:51pm

Elon University students concerned for school safety

Following the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill's two firearm-related lockdowns within the first month of the 2023-24 school year, Elon University students express concerns over the possibility of gun violence occurring on campus. Elon sophomore Addison Fry said the stress she felt following University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill’s recent lockdowns impacts her daily life — down to the start of her daily routine with getting dressed for movement and practicality over comfort and looks. With UNC, Chapel Hill roughly 45 minutes away from Elon University, other Elon students said they have been hyper aware and conscious of their safety. 

NEWS 9/15/23 8:07pm

Elon Law files application for new Charlotte campus

Elon University School of Law submitted an application for accreditation to the American Bar Association to establish a separate location in Charlotte. If the ABA approves Elon's application, it would mark the first instance of a law school operating in Charlotte since the Charlotte School of Law ceased operations in 2017. There will be a press conference Sept.19 at 330 W. Tremont Ave. where the university plans to announce the opening of its new "Elon in Charlotte Regional Center." 

NEWS 9/15/23 2:57pm

Illness spreads through Elon University campus

The North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services has seen a spike in respiratory virus hospitalizations, with a 1% increase from the start of the school year, from 5.6% to 6.6%. Elon University Health Services also no longer tracks cases as the state no longer needs them to be reported to NCDHHS, according to Elon’s Medical Director and University Physician Ginette Archinal. Students are encouraged to stay in their living areas and speak to staff on their health status based on current CDC guidelines.

NEWS 9/14/23 5:44pm

Former Elon University campus police officer promoted to Town of Elon assistant police chief over operations

Town of Elon Police Chief Kelly Blackwelder announced the appointment of Lt. Kedrick King as new assistant police chief over operations. Kind is a former officer for Elon University's campus police. According to the police department, King has previously worked as a patrol officer, master police officer, sergeant and lieutenant with the Elon police department before being promoted Sept. 11.

NEWS 9/14/23 8:38am

AI hits the road, high tech highways emerge in NC

North Carolina Highway Patrol announced in July it would implement an artificial intelligence-based system meant to catch violations of the Hands-Free Law and seatbelt use in commercial truck drivers. According to the North Carolina Department of Transportation, over 10% of the 1,658 traffic casualties in 2020 involved collision with a large truck. Elon University computer science professor Scott Spurlock said that these innovations in artificial intelligence were previously unheard of, and shared his thoughts about the developing technology.

NEWS 9/13/23 8:06pm

UNC lockdowns spark further concern at Elon University

For the second time in roughly two weeks, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill went on lockdown because of reports of an armed and dangerous individual. On Sept. 13, the Alert Carolina system at UNC Chapel Hill reported an individual with a weapon on campus. UNC police later reported the incident to have happened at Alpine Bagel Cafe in the UNC student union just before 1 p.m. Elon University faculty members and UNC students reflected on the recent lockdown regarding an armed and dangerous individual on UNC's campus, as well as advocated for increased policy, legislation and protocol. 

NEWS 9/13/23 7:02am

Hispanic Heritage Month events calendar

Hispanic Heritage Month is annually celebrated from Sept. 15 to Oct. 15. Elon University hosts a Hispanic Heritage Month Kick-Off Festival in Medallion Plaza each year, with various events throughout the month that celebrate Hispanic food, music, performers and more. Sept. 14 and 15 mark the beginning of community-wide celebration with the kick-off festival and book display beginning Sept. 15. Here is a comprehensive list of Hispanic cultural events on or around Elon's campus over the next month.

NEWS 9/12/23 3:17pm

Lane on N. Williamson Ave. to close Sept. 13 on Elon University campus

Vice President for Student Life Jon Dooley sent an email today informing students of a Town of Elon lane closure on North Williamson Avenue Sept. 13, from West Lebanon Avenue to West Haggard Avenue from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Dooley originally said the closure would take place on Nov. 13, but sent a follow-up email two hours later clarifying the closure will occur on Sept. 13. Traffic will be one-way due to construction and Dooley advised drivers to allow for extra travel time or take an alternate route.

NEWS 9/12/23 7:31am

North Carolina DMV no longer issues, renews Confederate flag license plates

In June, the U.S. Supreme Court declined to review a 2021 North Carolina Department of Transportation ban on issuing or renewing specialty license plates with the Confederate flag. According to the North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles, North Carolina offers three standard plates and over 200 specialty license plates, representing more than 100 civic clubs and interest groups. In 2021 the Sons of Confederate Veterans sued the North Carolina Department of Transportation. A lower court dismissed the case and a federal appeals court agreed with that decision in 2022. Elon Law professors Luke Bierman and Enrique Armijo shared mixed opinions about the Supreme Court refusing to review the case.

NEWS 9/10/23 1:29pm

Child care development center to open at Elon University spring 2025

Elon University will open a child care development center for children ages newborn to 2-years-old of Elon faculty, staff and students. The center is being created because of a child care crisis in Alamance County due to COVID-19. Williams said phase one of the center is scheduled to open spring 2025. According to Vice President for Finance and Administration Janet Williams, Elon hired Bright Horizons, an educational support systems company, to conduct a study in 2022 on the need for child care in Alamance County. Williams said while the study is not yet published, it further illuminated a local child care deficit.

NEWS 9/9/23 8:04pm

ALCOVETS hosts second hot air balloon festival in Burlington

For the second year in a row the Alamance County Balloon Festival is taking place at Cedarock park in Burlington from Sept. 8 to 10. ALCOVETS — a nonprofit and veteran organization based in Graham — is hosting the event through Sept. 10 to raise funds to support local veterans and fund the Chesnut Ridge Retreat campus building, a veterans’ retreat campus at the peak of Bass Mountain. According to Hudson Hot Air Affair, optimal wind speeds are between 4 and 6 mph.

NEWS 9/7/23 8:18am

Elon University student, professor frustrated over Buc-ee’s overconsumption

Buc-ee’s, a chain of gas stations and convenience stores in the southeast U.S., submitted an initial site plan to Mebane City Council in June to construct a 75,400 square feet store featuring 120 gas stations on 32.49 acres of land on I-85/40. Buc-ee’s is a Texas-based gas station and retail location that is well known for its large scale design and cartoonish beaver mascot. Elon University psychology professor Mat Gendle wrote an opinion piece that appeared in the Charlotte Observer outlining his concerns about the company’s overconsumption of resources and land. Gendle said Buc-ee's is not solely responsible for overconsumption, but is one of the many contributors.

NEWS 9/6/23 8:13am

ABSS offers free lunch for students after delaying school for second week

ABSS delayed the start of the 2023-24 academic year twice after finding mold in 26 of the system’s 38 schools. Now set to have students back in school Monday, Sept. 11 from the original Aug. 28 date, ABSS opened sites for students to pick up free lunches in an effort to provide some relief for students and parents who were counting on children being in school already. At a meeting Sept. 1, the Alamance County commissioners also reappropriated funds amounting to nearly $17 million to pay for mold remediation, cleaning air ducts and cleaning Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning systems.

NEWS 9/4/23 7:49am

Elon University LGBTQ+ students seek acceptance in gender inclusive housing

For the first time this year, students had the choice to opt into Elon’s new gender inclusive housing program on the general housing form. According to the class of 2027 admissions profile, 12% of the class of 2027 identifies as part of the LGBTQ+ communities — the largest portion of a class at Elon to date. As a transgender woman, freshman Grace Luebbe applied for inclusive housing this past spring in order to ensure that she would be living in a safe environment. Before she stepped on campus as a student this fall, Luebbe said she felt welcomed and included.

NEWS 9/2/23 6:48pm

ABSS delays school year again; new start scheduled for Sept. 11

The Alamance Burlington School System has delayed the first day of school a second time after finding mold in more than half of the system’s 38 schools, according to a press release Sept. 2. Schools are now scheduled to open on Monday, Sept. 11. The first day of the school year was originally planned for Aug. 28, but after mold was found in Andrews Elementary in July, ABSS began testing all 38 of its schools. Now, all schools have been tested and 26 are currently being cleaned.

NEWS 9/2/23 11:22am

Elon University welcomes 4 new majors, minors

Elon University introduced four new majors and minors at the start of the 2023-24 academic year, which include a mechanical engineering concentration and a financial technology major, as well as expressive arts and health communications minors. According to designer of the mechanical engineering concentration and professor of engineering Jonathan Su, mechanical engineering is in high demand as one of the broadest and oldest engineering sectors. Similarly, professor of strategic communications Julie Lellis said the health communications minor can be applied to a variety of professions as an interdisciplinary avenue, including government, healthcare and community settings.