LIFESTYLE 3/12/20 8:19am

Finding community by going Greek at Elon

As the excitement of 2020 spring recruitment fades, hundreds of Elon women are now weeks into their new member period, counting down the days until their official initiation into the greek community. These new members contribute to the increasing number of enrolled women choosing to join greek life. But with a history of exclusive practices, some remain skeptical that the benefits of sorority life truly extend to the broader community. 

LIFESTYLE 3/10/20 8:33am

Activating online success with eSports

A cascade of characters leap over obstacles and evade opponents. They face off against each other, fighting until the last breath. The match ends with one player left standing — it always comes down to the final seconds.

LIFESTYLE 3/6/20 8:48am

PASSION PROJECTS: Sculpting a business

The motorized spinning of the pottery wheel matches the rhythmic hand motion of junior Thomas Cadman as he molds a chunk of clay into his latest piece of art. According to Cadman, his whole body engages with the process as he works on the piece.


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