LIFESTYLE 4/11/24 12:35pm

Elon University Percussion Ensemble examines music from international composers

The Percussion Ensemble Spring Concert explored a beautiful mix of sounds from around the world. Students performed a variety of music from international composers on April 10 in Yeager Recital Hall. The Percussion instruments included rattles, cymbals, gongs, hand drums, shakers, marimbas and more. Ensemble director and music instructor Isaac Pyatt focused on the complexities of sound from various instruments to create harmony. He said a talented musician can alter any object to create beautiful melodies. Pyatt said he hopes he can transform student experiences and enhance their musical journey through percussion instruments.

LIFESTYLE 4/9/24 10:43am

Grand Night features student-produced music theater, emotional senior send-off

In four sold-out shows of song, dance and looking back on college journeys, Bachelor of Fine Arts in Music Theatre students performed together in Grand Night — a collage of performances that showcased the program’s talents — on April 5 and 6 in Elon University’s Roberts Studio Theatre. Students directed, music directed and choreographed 15 numbers across many genres. Caroline Borio, assistant student director and senior performer, said everyone always looks forward to doing their senior class number. Assistant Professor of Music Theatre Courtney Liu, who managed Grand Night with Guest Instructor Jane Lanier, called it a “real tear-jerker.”

LIFESTYLE 4/6/24 11:05am

Holi celebration educates students about Hindu culture, spreads awareness for diverse religions

Elon University’s Truitt Center celebrated the end of winter and the warmth of spring with the Holi Festival of Colors at Speaker’s Corner on April 5. Holi represents hope and new beginnings in the Hindu culture. The spring festival includes colored powder — or gulal — or colored water. Holi aims to commemorate connection and companionship, as well as bring the community together to acknowledge diverse cultures. The festival also teaches students about India, Hinduism, and traditional stories reflected in the celebration. University Chaplain and Dean of Multifaith Engagement Kirstin Boswell encourages students to participate in these events, which offer opportunities to learn about diverse cultures.

LIFESTYLE 3/25/24 5:16pm

Elon Watches: Avatar the Last Remake

Three things: 1) No, it's not as bad as the movie. 2) ‘Show don't tell’. And 3) … why? After five years of production and a change in leadership, Netflix released its own live action adaptation of Nickelodeon’s iconic series: “Avatar the Last Airbender.” By trying to set itself apart from the original show (created by Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko), it’s lost the key elements that made the animated series so good in the first place. While not as bad as the infamous M. Night Shyamalan film, the new Netflix rendition is far from honorable.

LIFESTYLE 3/22/24 3:51pm

Elon campus police, Residence Life offer safety tips for spring break

Spring break is quickly approaching, beginning after classes on March 22. Before leaving campus, students must properly secure their living spaces and vehicles for safety — according to Residence Life and campus police. Student Life urges students to unplug all appliances, hide valuables that they plan to leave behind, secure non-perishable food, dispose of perishable food, empty all trash cans, turn off all water faucets, set their thermostats to 50 degrees, as well as lock all doors and windows. Director of Residence Life Kristen Carrier said students should bring their keys with them upon departure from campus.

LIFESTYLE 3/20/24 9:44am

Elon professor sheds light on college students with eating disorders

According to the National Eating Disorders Association, Eating disorders generally begin to develop between the ages of 18 and 21 which is mainly college students. While in college, students participating in classes can be involved in clubs, internships or work creating a high workload and causing students to demand a lot of themselves. Elon psychology professor and clinician, Bilal Ghandour, whose research revolves around perfectionism and impulsive behaviors, has found that eating disorder behavior evolves from a strong sense of needing to be perfect and an inability to let go of high demands.

LIFESTYLE 3/19/24 12:15pm

Student art gallery shapes future artists, promotes diverse perspectives at Elon University

The annual Juried Student Exhibition will be open through April 18 in Gallery 406 at Arts West. The student gallery featured 28 unique pieces that reflected concepts of identity, race, and community. A Juried Exhibition is an artwork gallery and competition that selects the best expressive art in a showcase. Chair of the art department Samantha DiRosa collaborated with students in the art program to promote the gallery. She said the gallery was a student effort that provided career opportunities for students to gain experiences in their field.

LIFESTYLE 3/19/24 10:17am

Elon University DJs electrify college party scene

There’s a new wave of musical entertainment on the rise that has swept through Elon’s campus — DJs. DJs, also known as disc jockeys, are performers that play and mix pre-made music live. Shawn Kelly, an Elon senior and computer science major, found DJing during his sophomore year of college. Performing under the name 'djskelly,' he used his musical background and computer science knowledge to teach himself how to mix music. Since beginning his journey of making music and performing, Kelly has amassed over 24,000 followers on Instagram.

LIFESTYLE 3/18/24 5:55pm

Original play by Elon student explores intersections of LGBTQ+ identities, Catholicism

Senior Mallorie Sievert is determined to fill a gap in Catholic theater exploring LGBTQ+ themes and narratives. Inspired by the combined experiences of seeing a queer retelling of Joan of Arc at the Globe Theatre in London, visiting Santa Catalina monastery in Peru and her own Catholic upbringing, Sievert wrote a play about LGBTQ+ Catholic nuns in the 17th century. The play, which is part of her honors thesis, follows the love story of Ana and Teresa, who Sievert said were based on the biblical archetypes of the “whore” and the “bride,” respectively.

LIFESTYLE 3/17/24 1:33pm

Professors handle students' mental health issues with university resources

Allen Russell, a professor of mathematics, has recognized a shift in campus mental health. Russell has been teaching at Elon for 27 years. While he saw its presence, he said mental health didn't appear to be a larger issue on campus until the 2000s. Russell himself struggled with anxiety during his return to campus after teaching virtually, and he believes that many students share in this experience. He has encountered students in tears stressed about "college life," he said. Sociology professor Karen Wirth attributes the uptick in the need for mental health resources partially to the COVID-19 pandemic.

LIFESTYLE 3/15/24 12:08pm

Student dance concert at Elon University explores connection, female stereotypes

Senior Madeline Trigilio has always expressed herself through movement. After receiving a Rhoades Research and Choreography Grant, Trigilio is processing and expressing her emotions through dance — while also presenting her research. Through performances of the Rhoades Grant Dance Concert from March 15 to 16, Trigilio and senior Jessica Werfel will explore their respective research topics through dance in Roberts Studio Theatre. Shows are at 7:30 p.m. on March 15, and 2 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. on March 16. The March 15 performance is currently sold out, but tickets are free and can be reserved online for the remaining performances.

LIFESTYLE 3/14/24 11:43am

Juxtapositions, Asian American Composers challenge historical European stereotypes

Elon’s Department of Music collaborated with Soprano Jennifer Lien to present Juxtapositions: European Orientalism, Asian America, & Asia in Whitley Auditorium on March 13. The program explored the stereotypes portrayed by European Musical Orientalism and created a platform for Asian American voices. The performance emphasized the challenges Asian women endured under European colonialism. Soprano Jennifer Lien and Pianist Douglass Jurs presented a beautiful sentiment of Asian culture within historical contexts. Lien is known for her presence in contemporary and chamber music. As a Classical Western European Opera singer, Lien said she noticed a lack of Asian voices in her studies of European composers.

LIFESTYLE 3/12/24 9:06am

Elon women’s track, cross country proud to be female athletes

Sophomore track and field sprinter Mya Joy Lee has run track and field since she was in fourth grade and said always knew she always knew that she wanted to be a college athlete. While she has faced some setbacks, including an injury her freshman year, she is grateful to have had the support of her teammates along the way. Elon’s award-winning track and field team is made up of 59 female athletes, while the cross country team — that holds two conference titles — has 28 female members.

LIFESTYLE 3/11/24 10:37am

Women beyond borders: Students navigate experiences abroad

Elon has been ranked first in undergraduate students who participate in study abroad for the 18th time. Many of these students are women with varying experiences, often dependent on the culture within the country of their choice. Allegra Laing, executive director of the Global Education Center, encourages all female-identifying students to study abroad. She advises them to engage with other female-identifying students from the country they are staying in to learn how to safely navigate that specific culture. Laing also takes into consideration that other identities, such as race, religion, socioeconomic status and sexual orientation, can also play into a student’s experience abroad.

LIFESTYLE 3/10/24 1:29pm

Elon University’s first fashion club promotes education, awareness, inclusivity

Phoenix Fashion is Elon University’s first fashion club whose mission is to educate others about the fashion industry, promote sustainability, create clothing pieces and showcase garments. Sophomore Brooke Gustafson established Phoenix Fashion to create an organization that could educate others on fashion and sustainability, but still be a place where people can look and feel good regardless of their skill set, knowledge of fashion or gender. Though Gustafson is studying abroad and was unavailable for comment, Interim President of Phoenix Fashion Tia Wohl and the club’s artistic director, Elise Whitaker, said the club is still upholding Gustafson’s vision for the organization.

LIFESTYLE 3/9/24 1:10pm

Elon Performing Arts explores complexities of identity

Elon Performing Arts students explored the beauty of the spring season with their Spring Dance Concert in McCrary Theatre on March 8. The performance focused on family and diversity within the constructs of society. The concert also allowed students to create a unique style and explore their passion for dance. Senior Isabella Sessa said she began her dancing career at a young age when her mother signed her up for dance classes. Sessa said she fell in love with the beauty and creativity that exemplifies the art of dance.

LIFESTYLE 3/9/24 11:02am

Vital Signs a cappella concert raises over $10,000 for Make-A-Wish

Elon’s Vital Signs a cappella group hosted its 11th annual Make-A-Wish benefit concert and raised over $10,000 for local kids. The concert welcomed over 300 audience members, and was founded by Vital Signs alum Nick Cook ’15 to honor his sister Bella. Bella is a Leukemia survivor who was granted a wish by the foundation. All proceeds from this event went directly to the Make-A-Wish foundation of Central and Western North Carolina, which was able to grant a record-breaking 430 wishes in 2023.

LIFESTYLE 3/7/24 3:05pm

Elon Watches: Dune Part 2: A Modern Day Epic

The novel "Dune" was labeled as “unadaptable” by many, but in 2021, Denis Villeneuve tried and delivered an incredible science fiction film the likes of which I had not seen before. It was one of the best films of that year and swept at the 2022 academy awards. Villeneuve accomplished a miracle and I was unsure, if not doubtful, that he could recapture that magic for a sequel. As it turns out though, my reservations were completely unfounded as “Dune Part 2” is one the best science fiction films ever made.

LIFESTYLE 3/1/24 12:06pm

‘This is for all of us’ Elon students cultivate community through LGBTQ+ arts festival

As the sun began to set outside, students trickled into the Center for the Arts Isabella Cannon Room. Some danced around as Chappell Roan’s “HOT TO GO!” played through the speakers, while others quietly observed the artwork displays on the wall. On the other side of the room, a series of posters prompted attendees to think about their relationship with LGBTQ+ art. One asks, “who are your favorite queer artists?” A yellow sticky note in the bottom right corner reads, “me." This was the opening ceremony of “Breakthrough,” a three-day, student-run LGBTQ+ arts festival at Elon University from Feb. 23 to 25.

LIFESTYLE 2/26/24 9:56am

Active Minds challenges stigma around mental health disorders at Elon University

As a mental health advocate, freshman Alyssa Artabane arrived in Elon searching for a community that reflects her values. In fall 2023, she decided to join Active Minds — an organization on campus that promotes mental health awareness. Artabane said Active Minds creates a positive environment for students interested in mental health. Members prioritize building personal relationships and supporting each other. Sophomore Emily Dann, the event coordinator of Active Minds, said the organization has many events throughout the semester that promote mental health awareness, such as a suicide prevention walk at 4 p.m. on April 21.