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Elon denies discrimination, wants former professor's lawsuit dismissed

3/15/17 2:54pm

Elon University has denied that former professor Michael Rodriguez, who is Hispanic, was discriminated against during his time as a faculty member in response to a lawsuit Rodriguez filed claiming that he “was wrongfully and intentionally discriminated against by Elon in his employment based on his national origin and race.” 

One year after House Bill 2's passage, Elon University still feels impact

3/14/17 6:55pm

At the one-year anniversary of House Bill 2, Elon University has just begun to realize the breadth of the impact of this controversial bill. Despite the university’s choice to distance itself from the legislation, the university has not been able to completely avoid the fallout. From SGA members, student-athletes, prospective students and students fighting to find their voices, many has been affected in one way or another. Bit by bit, actions have replaced words.

Aramark plans for humane changes by 2024

11/8/16 4:23pm

Food provider Aramark released its plan to request that their suppliers change the living conditions and butchering practices of broiler chickens to meet humane standards on Thursday, Nov. 3. This plan, published in response to a national campaign by The Humane League, requests that its suppliers' operations be changed by 2024 at the latest.

Authorities unconcerned about Halloween safety, advise against clown costumes

10/24/16 10:28pm

Halloween is expected to be filled with more treats than tricks, according to local law enforcement authorities, but Town of Elon Police Chief Cliff Parker had some advice to offer students in light of recent events: Avoid creepy clown costumes. “While it’s not illegal for somebody to dress that way ... it could cause issues,” he said.