'Parklet' comes to downtown Elon

4/2/18 4:27pm

A small park popped up on West Lebanon Avenue in the past few weeks. It all started with a parking study, leading to an idea of bettering the pedestrian experience at Elon. 

‘When did you consider yourself an American?’

3/28/18 10:09pm

"They were naturalized citizens, green card holders and international students — all of whom are immigrants.On March 28, Immigrant Realities hosted a panel where five Elon University members — students, professors and alumni, discussed their experiences immigrating to the US."

President Book holds first fireside chat

3/26/18 10:44pm

Roughly 40 students and faculty gathered in the Great Hall of Global Commons to listen to President Connie Book speak and to ask her questions during a fireside chat March 26. 

Free food or free speech?

3/15/18 5:03pm

Elon students and staff had to make the decision of whether or not to sign away their First Amendment rights in exchange for a free meal on Wednesday. 

Catholicism at Elon continues to grow

3/13/18 8:19pm

According to the 2018 Spring Registrar’s Report, Keller is one of 1786 Catholic students on campus — making it the largest Christian denomination at Elon. Catholicism has been the largest religion denomination on campus since at least Spring 2007 — which is the oldest Registrar's Report on Elon's website. 

Grow vs. Green

3/9/18 3:16pm

The square footage of Elon’s campus has increased by 47.4 percent just from 2008 to 2017. And there are no signs of the growth, or energy consumption, slowing down.