Meet the Staff

Executive Board

Executive Director – Tommy Hamzik  

Managing Editor – Hannah Silvers

News Director – Ashley Bohle

Digital Manager – Jane Seidel

Business Manager – Kristen Bellini

Executive Staff

Lead Assignment Manager – Jackie Pascale

Enterprise Manager – Bryan Anderson

Breaking News Manager – Paul LeBlanc


News Editor – Emmanuel Morgan

Opinions Editor – Leena Dahal

Sports Director –  Alex Simon

Lifestyle Editor – Courtney Campbell


Executive Producer, ELN Evening – Elizabeth Bilka

Executive Producer, ELN Morning – Audrey Engelman

Executive Producer, ELN Radio – Caroline Hartshorn

Executive Producer, The Online Exclusive – Brooke Wivagg


Photo Editor – Diego Pineda

Copy Chief – Janat Bashir

Design Chief of The Pendulum – Stephanie Hays


Director of Broadcast and Video Production – Jacob LaPlante

Broadcast Production Manager – Daniel MacLaury

Video Production Manager – Lauren Duncan


Senior Reporter – Andrew Feather

Senior Reporter – Paige Pauroso

Senior Reporter – Kailey Tracy